Potassium pills and bananas

The 50 Top-Rated Potassium Supplements to Reduce Muscle Cramps and Aid Hydration The health benefits of potassium can’t be understated. Maintaining healthy levels can help your body with everything from preventing muscle cramps to stabilizing your blood sugar. You can reduce your anxiety or re-hydrate your body after a big workout, or even help control… Read More

A man with different vitamins in his hand

The 50 Top-Rated Men’s Multivitamins for Optimal Health When it comes to nutrition, men and women have unique needs. And that means, your daily multivitamin should be unique, too: It should be fortified with the standard vitamins and minerals, and should also add ingredients to support men’s prostate function and virility/sexual health. Your multi should… Read More

Woman drinking water

The 25 Top-Rated Water Ionizer Machines, Bottles and Pitchers to Enrich and Purify Your Water As people grow more concerned about what they put into their bodies, they are turning to alkaline water ionizers to purify their water. But, these machines, pitchers, and bottles do more than remove impurities from water; they make tap water… Read More

Businesswoman trying to relief some stress

The 10 Top-Rated, Most-Effective, Natural and Herbal Supplements to Relieve Anxiety In today’s busy, race-to-the-finish, can’t-stop-won’t-stop society, more and more people find themselves suffering from anxiety and high stress. The truth of the matter is, it’s easy to succumb and nearly impossible to avoid, especially when faced with enough everyday responsibilities to fill a 27-hour… Read More

Blood pressure monitor

The 25 Top-Rated Blood Pressure Monitors to Take Control of Your Health Hypertension is often called “the silent killer,” because it has the tendency to sneak up and wreak havoc. An estimated one in six people with hypertension don’t even know they have it, compounding this health epidemic. Enter the home blood pressure monitor, an… Read More

Man on leg press machine

The 25 Top-Rated Leg Press Machines and Leg Workout Equipment for Toned, Fit Legs You may have heard about the well-built person with bulging muscles but tiny legs. That visual is often used as motivation by personal trainers: “Don’t skip leg day!” If you’re in the market for a leg press machine, then you know… Read More

Fiber supplements and vegetables

The 25 Top-Rated Fiber Supplements for Digestive Health The benefits of fiber aren’t lost on most people; however, many people don’t realize that most adults in the U.S. don’t get nearly enough of it each day. The average fiber intake in the U.S. is about 15 grams each day, but the currently recommended amount is… Read More

Person holding a stress ball

If your work or home life is stressful, having a good stress ball around can provide some quick relief. Stress balls are malleable objects, sometimes spherical in shape, other times taking unusual or quirky shapes, that when squeezed or manipulated by the hand and fingers can ease muscle tension and ease stress. But stress balls… Read More

Woman measuring waist

The 25 Top-Rated Waist Trainers for a Fitter, Trimmer Waist The popularity of waist trainers has skyrocketed with celebrities like the Kardashians and Jessica Alba swearing by the practice and posting photos on social media. Waist trainers offer an affordable way to shape and smooth the silhouette into a pleasing hourglass shape, without the large… Read More

Teeth whitening

The 25 Top-Rated Whitening Strips, Gels, Toothpaste, and More for a Whiter Smile Whiter teeth can help you feel more confident as you go about your daily life, and are also a sign of health and vitality. It’s no wonder that Americans spend $1.4-billion a year on teeth whitening products! Visible results can often be… Read More

Woman with gym bag

The 25 Top-Rated Gym Bags to Transport Your Fit Gear, Sports Gear, and More Everyone’s workout is different; why wouldn’t their bag be, too? You wouldn’t need a large bag if you’re going to run on the treadmill and shower when you get home, but if you’re planning on bringing a racket or basketball and… Read More

Mother and daughter sitting on yoga mat.

The 25 Top-Rated Yoga Mats for Better, More Comfortable Workouts A yoga mat is a seemingly simple, straightforward product: a long, thin, cushion-y mat for stretching and workouts. But not all yoga mats are created equal; as any yoga or Pilates fanatic knows too well, a great yoga mat is crucial for the best workout…. Read More

Man putting on deodorant

The 25 Top-Rated Antiperspirants, Natural Deodorants, and More for Men The right deodorant can leave you feeling confident and able to take on your day, but with so many options available on the market today, how do you know which one is best for your needs? The deodorants on our list are not only affordable,… Read More

Man lifting olympic weights.

The 25 Top-Rated Olympic Weight Sets for Better Fitness Sometimes getting to the gym for a workout session just isn’t in the cards. Other times, you might just prefer to work out at home. In that case, it helps to have some equipment on hand to help you accomplish your goals. An olympic weight set… Read More

Woman deciding whether to eat fruit or pastries

The 26 Top-Rated Appetite Suppressants to Curb Your Appetite and Get Your Diet Under Control When looking for an appetite suppressant, you must be careful to choose the right one. It’s also important to keep in mind that you should always talk to your doctor before taking new medications or supplements. That’s especially important when… Read More

Home gym

The 25 Top-Rated Home Workout Essentials for a Fitter, Healthier Body One of the best things you can do for your body is to exercise with gym equipment. Yet, many people balk at heading to the gym out of personal fears such as embarrassment in addition to some gym memberships being quite expensive. Moreover, it’s… Read More

Man using a chin up bar

25 Top-Rated Chin Up Bars to Build Upper Body Strength The benefits of pull ups in your regular work out can’t be understated. You will work your back, arms, and shoulders and if you experience back problems, you may see a drastic improvement after incorporating pull ups into your exercise regimen. Unfortunately, we don’t all… Read More

Women with cross training shoes

25 Top-Rated Cross Training Shoes with Great Support for All Your Fitness Activities Having the right shoe can make all the different in your workouts. When your foot is supported and comfortable, you feel confident to push yourself harder. Cross training shoes are ideal for use in a variety of fitness activities and movements, and… Read More

Crossfit shoes

The 25 Top-Rated Crossfit Shoes for Men & Women When it comes to Crossfit, you run, climb ropes, scale walls, lift heavy weights and more. So, you need a shoe that can handle the variance and stresses of wide-ranging activities. You don’t need a running shoe, you need a Crossfit shoe. To help you find… Read More

Woman thyroid glands

The 25 Top-Rated Thyroid Supplements One of the most important glands in your body, the thyroid is responsible for a wide range of tasks that help you feel your best. When it’s not functioning properly, you may experience fatigue, dry skin, weight gain, feeling cold, muscle weakness, hair loss, memory problems, and more. This is… Read More

Man with amino acids bodybuilding dietary supplement

The 25 Top-Rated Amino Acid Nutritional Supplements Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs for short, have been scientifically-proven to improve muscle strength, endurance, and recovery, making them a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. While there are 9 amino acids in all, three are most commonly used in supplementation for their ability to improve lean muscle… Read More

Mom blogging with baby in hand

You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count – and said a time or two yourself – kids don’t come with instructions. The best you can do is love them, try your hardest to make the tough choices that you think are right for them, and defer to those who know better than… Read More

Smoke Detector Placement

There is no question that a smoke detector is a must-have item for office buildings and homes – in many cases, it’s a legal requirement. Laws aside, having functional, well-placed smoke detectors in your home is a common sense safety practice every family should follow. Unlike carbon monoxide detectors, which detect dangerous levels of the… Read More

St. Louis, MO

Due to its location along the Mississippi River and its proximity to the Illinois state border, St. Louis has always been a bustling city key to the country’s economy and trade. This hasn’t changed since its founding, and with the largest metropolitan population in Missouri, it pulls from a wide variety of cultures and areas…. Read More

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina is a cross between classic Southern charm and a burgeoning business and financial center. For the perfect mixture Southern hospitality, with a city vibe,  and a dash of NASCAR, a trip to the beautiful Charlotte, NC can’t be beat. Whether you’re planning your first visit to the city of Charlotte or you’ve… Read More

Los Angeles

For many people, a visit to Los Angeles is something that’s on their bucket list. The city’s weather is often mild and sunny, making it a great area to visit anytime of the year. During the winter months, you’ll generally only need a jacket – so leave the snow gear at home. Los Angeles is… Read More

Woman going for a run with a fitness tracker

The 25 Top-Rated Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches to Support an Active Lifestyle When you make the decision to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll want as many tools in your belt as possible. The world is full of temptations. Whether it’s birthday cake or the elevator at work, we’re faced with choices every day that… Read More

Pregnant woman using a pillow to sleep

The 25 Top-Rated Pillows for a Comfortable, Restful Night’s Sleep Among a lot of the advice you’ll get during your pregnancy you’ll probably hear, “Sleep now because when that baby comes you won’t sleep a wink!” is one that’s often repeated (by literally everyone you know). There will be some chuckling, and some forced smiles… Read More

Alarm clock and a woman waking up

The 25 Top-Rated Alarm Clocks for a Great Start to Your Day Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up naturally at just the right time each day? You could ease into your morning, waking up and stretching luxuriously as you plan your day and make yourself a nice breakfast. You may even have your body… Read More

Woman with headphones

The 25 Top-Rated Headphones You Can Score for a Reasonable Price Every day, millions of people put on their headphones to listen to their favorite movies, music, movies, online courses, tutorials and more. In fact, in today’s digitally-powered world, headphones have become a necessity. You can use them to amplify sound without bothering anyone else…. Read More

Security system planning

The 25 Top-Rated Home Security Systems You Can Setup Yourself to Keep Your Family Safe The statistics on burglaries are sobering. When it comes to protecting your home, family, possessions, and office, safety should be the top priority. Most often, homes and offices are broken into when no one is there. Instead of risking everything… Read More

Children riding bikes with helmets

The 25 Top-Rated Bike Helmets to Keep Your Child Safe While Looking Stylish If you’re thinking of getting a bike for your child, a kids’ bike helmet is a must. You’ll want to make sure to get one that is sized for your little one, so be sure to take note of his or her… Read More

Person going skiing and wearing a balaclava

The 25 Top-Rated Balaclava for Winter Sports, Hunting, and More Although the term “ski mask” can often call to mind bank robber, you may be more familiar with it that the term “balaclava.” Both of those terms refer to a mask that will cover your face and neck, and traditionally, as much of you as… Read More

A group of kids using a laptop

The 50 Top-Rated Laptops for Kids for School, Entertainment, and More In our hyper-connected and digital world, it is critical for every child to have exposure to a computer – especially a portable laptop. This will help teach them how to communicate in our virtual world, how to accurately search for information, and to distinguish… Read More

A girl holding a Christmas gift

The 50 Top-Rated Gifts for Kids on Every Child’s Holiday Wish List The holiday season is a wonder to children, and that’s just one of the reasons that gift-giving is so much fun. Few things are better in life than watching the wide-eyed excitement on children’s faces as they open up a gift to discover… Read More

Child eating yogurt (a probiotic)

The health benefits of probiotics are undeniable. Providing your child with these supplements may go a long way in preventing or stopping any diarrhea or digestion issues they may be experiencing. It can even be a great boost to their immune system. This is particularly important when your child is potty training or starting school… Read More

The 50 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for the Musician on Your Holiday Gift-Giving List A musician’s soul has a melody that bleeds into everything they do. Very often, they will go about their day without being able to express how much more alive they feel with music. Why not give them a gift with meaning, one… Read More

Grandma getting a gift

The 20 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Grandma You’ll have to take a lot into consideration when trying to find the right gift for your grandma. You’ll have to know her interests, sure, but you’ll also need to consider her age and yours, whether it’s a gift from your children to your mom (or… Read More

The 26 Top-Rated Cribs for a Safe, Secure Slumber for Your Baby Deciding where you put your biggest treasure to sleep is likely a decision you’ll want to spend time looking into before making a purchase. Among other possible concerns, you’ll need to consider how long you’ll want your child to have this bed, what… Read More

A child putting gifts into a Christmas stocking

The 50 Top-Rated Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List Stocking stuffers are often some of the most challenging items on your holiday shopping list. Do you opt for the cheap and fun, the useless and funny, or the expensive and useful? There are tons of little gadgets and odds and ends that… Read More

Daughter giving a gift to mom

50 Top-Rated Gifts for the Hard-to-Buy-For Mom When trying to find the right gift for mom, you may feel a bit of pressure. Because if there’s one thing you do not want to do it’s to disappoint the woman who gave you life. Whether you nail it out of the park or swing and miss,… Read More

Man receiving gifts

The 45 Top-Rated Gifts Any Man Will Love to Receive It can be so hard to find the right gift for the men – or gifts for the dads – in your life. While many men may appreciate a tie or set of golf balls, not all do. What about men who like outdoor activities?… Read More

Man using a pour over coffee maker

The 25 Top-Rated Pour-Over Coffee Makers for a Perfect Brew If you’ve never heard of a “Pour Over Coffee Maker” then you haven’t delved into the coffee connoisseur life as much as you may have thought. This is a specialized method for coffee lovers to savor their coffee in a different, very meticulous way. The… Read More

Man on hybrid bike

The 25 Top-Rated Hybrid Bikes for Fitness, Mountain Biking, and More Have you been struggling to decide what type of bicycle you should get based on what you’ll use it for the most? Why not just split the difference and find a hybrid of them all? Hybrid bikes take some of the best features of… Read More