It’s easy to take hearing for granted, but when a person’s hearing starts to decline, their quality of life can decline with it. Thankfully, modern science has given us the hearing aid, which millions of people around the world now use to improve everyday living. While hearing aids can’t restore the user’s natural hearing, they’re… Read More

For seniors and those who suffer from disabilities or other severe medical problems, a loss of freedom can be one of the most difficult things to overcome. This is especially true for seniors facing the possibility of moving into residential care. Medical alert systems are a popular way for seniors to reclaim their independence and… Read More

A home gym can provide a complete, full-body workout in the comfort and privacy of your home. By investing in one, you can save money on a gym membership and knock down all of the other convenience barriers standing between you and a regular workout routine. Home gyms vary widely in their form, functionality, cost,… Read More

The rowing machine is a popular and classic home exercise machine. Rowers provide an excellent upper body workout while improving your cardiovascular stamina. From your legs to your shoulders and core, rowing machines provide a low-impact way to build muscle and endurance. With a home rowing machine, you don’t have to worry about the weather,… Read More

Elliptical trainers are the younger and less common cousin of the home exercise bike, but their popularity has been growing in recent years. Like the exercise bike, they offer all the convenience of working out at home and break down some commonly-cited barriers to working out. Ellipticals simulate the acts of stair-climbing and hill-walking, which… Read More

Take a moment to imagine the chaos of a world without dog leashes, and you’ll understand why choosing the right one is important. A dog leash is an essential tool for a dog owner. Whether it’s for training, safety, or control, a sturdy dog leash suited to your dog will make life easier and promote… Read More

For at least the first six months, ideally a year, your baby should be sleeping in the same room as you. After that, though, they can be safely moved to a different room. But this doesn’t mean they should be left alone overnight. Instead, you’ll want to be checking on them periodically, just to be… Read More

A good knife is one of the most important tools in the kitchen, even in an age of high-tech gadgets. A knife is fundamental to safe and efficient cooking, and buying a quality chef’s knife is one small change that can upgrade your whole kitchen experience. A chef’s knife is a versatile, all-purpose kitchen knife…. Read More

Riding a bike is a special kind of fun. It’s a little bit of thrill mixed with a whole lot of freedom – it’s good for your health and the environment, too. Balance bikes are a terrific way to introduce your little one to riding a bike and provide them with their own access to… Read More

There’s no getting around it: babies are very messy eaters. If you’re a new parent, then you know just how quickly meal time can turn into clean-up time. To minimize accidents, you’ll want to consider buying a bib. Nowadays, there are all sorts of different bibs for different needs. There are waterproof bibs, bibs with… Read More

Any new parent knows just how messy diapers can be. From the odor, to the space they take up, to the hygiene issue, there’s all sorts of things that make them more complicated to throw away than regular garbage. Given the amount of dirty diapers your child will generate in a day, it’s not the… Read More

Ranges and stoves are an indispensable part of the kitchen, so the pressure is on when it’s time to shop for a replacement. Whether you’re replacing an existing electric range or stove or upgrading from gas, finding the right mix of affordability, functionality, style, and convenience isn’t always easy. Don’t panic. We’re here to give… Read More

Kitchen scales are a humble but vital tool in the modern kitchen, and they have stood the test of time, too. Like everything in our lives, they’ve received a technological facelift, and modern kitchen scales range from the old-fashioned to the smart and feature-rich. Kitchen scales make weighing and measuring a breeze, and allow for… Read More

Gas? Electricity? Those are some old hat ways to cook a meal. Okay, we’re being facetious, but it’s true that new technology has brought an alternative to older cooking methods. Induction cooktops have been around for a while, but new innovations have transformed them into a viable competitor to electric and gas cooktops over the… Read More

Preparing meals can often feel like a chore. That’s why we’ve invented countless gadgets and gizmos to help us out in the kitchen over the years. Air fryers are the new kid on the kitchen block relative to other common appliances, but expert chefs and casual cooks alike are already shouting about the convenience they… Read More

Bike trailers are a great option for parents and children. They can be used for fun trips to local parks, to run errands around town, or to even to train for a triathlon. Bike trailers provide a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get outdoors and allow parents to get a little exercise while creating… Read More

It feels like all eyes are on CBD right now. That’s no surprise when you consider the compound has been vilified alongside cannabis for a long time, despite its potential medical benefits. Now that legislation has caught up with public opinion and scientific consensus, people want to know what CBD can do for them. But… Read More

The cannabis compound CBD has become big news in the last few years, helped along by some high-profile success stories and the relaxing of federal regulations. More people now want to know what CBD can do for them—and their furry friends. That’s right: CBD’s potential benefits aren’t limited to humans. Dogs and cats are mammals… Read More

Escaping the burgeoning popularity of CBD has been almost impossible in recent years. It has made headlines and CBD-based products have flooded the market. With that boom has come increased interest in CBD’s potential health benefits. CBD oil is available in a variety of different forms and has become popular as a low-impact, accessible way… Read More

The CBD market is booming right now and legislation has finally caught up with the public interest in what the cannabis plant has to offer. Many people are now weighing up the benefits of using CBD oil. CBD topicals provide an excellent entry point into CBD products, as they offer a low-impact, everyday way of… Read More

The CBD boom has brought CBD into the public consciousness recently, as more people than ever become aware of its potential health benefits. Available in a wide range of forms, CBD oil has offered many people accessible and low-impact relief from common conditions like anxiety and insomnia. CBD capsules provide a convenient and everyday format… Read More

CBD oil has exploded onto the market in recent years as more people become aware of its potential health benefits. Available in a wide range of forms, CBD oil has offered many people convenient and low-impact relief from common conditions like anxiety and insomnia. As a cannabis derivative, there is still plenty of confusion and… Read More

Everyone has his or her preferred sleep position, with the most popular options being back, side, and stomach sleeping. Of these, side sleeping is by far the most common. That’s good, because it’s also a healthy one that allows the body to settle into a neutral position during sleep. Like all sleepers, however, side sleepers… Read More

Helix Sleep is an e-commerce sleep company established in 2015, with its headquarters in New York City. Via their online storefront, they sell sleep products across the US, including the Birch mattress through its Birch brand. The Birch mattress is an eco-friendly mattress with a focus on organic materials. It’s a new presence on the… Read More

Adjustable beds provide almost complete control over the sleeping experience, making them a great fit for sleepers who may need a little extra control to achieve a good night’s sleep. They can be perfect for a range of sleepers, from those with mobility issues to snorers and those with sleep apnea. Other people may buy… Read More

A mattress could be one of the most expensive home purchases you make this year. When you make that kind of investment, it makes sense to protect it, too. With a mattress protector, you can prolong the life of your mattress while protecting it against stains, spills, and other grime. When a mattress protector gets… Read More

We all understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the need for one doesn’t change as we grow older. If anything, it’s more vital than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle as a senior. With a healthy diet, a robust exercise routine, and provisions made for mental health, seniors can live longer, manage emerging… Read More

Finding the right mattress for even one person can be tough. There are a lot of factors to consider, and even a single person may need to compromise on some preferences to suit their needs. The right mattress offers a balance of comfort, support, heat regulation, motion isolation, and quietness—among other things. The difficulty of… Read More

With public awareness growing concerning the impact of our modern lifestyles on both our health and the health of the planet, it’s no surprise that interest in organic alternatives to synthetic and non-organic products is on the rise. That extends even into how we sleep, with many mattresses now marketed as organic or otherwise eco-friendly…. Read More

Mattresses come in a range of firmness options, from soft to extra firm. For most sleepers, a medium mattress strikes the right balance between comfort and resistance. Sleepers with more specific needs (or even just a preference) may look to firmer mattresses instead. A firmer mattress can be beneficial for such people as heavier sleepers,… Read More

Choosing the right pillow for you is vital for your long-term health. A supportive, comfortable pillow promotes a good night’s sleep and will help to ensure the health of your neck and spine. It’ll also save you from discomfort and stiff muscles when you wake up in the morning. Even the best bed may not… Read More

The Layla mattresses is a flippable, 10-inch memory foam mattress. Its reversible design means the mattress has two firmness options, offering a soft yet supportive side along with a firm side for sleepers looking for a more resistant surface. Switching between these firmness options is as simple as flipping the mattress. Along with its flippable… Read More

Manufactured by popular online sleep retailer Saatva, the Saatva HD mattress is a hybrid innerspring bed specifically tailored for heavy sleepers weighing over 300 pounds. Featuring layers of Talalay latex and memory foam, it’s able to provide a combination of deep support and comfort. Saatva is an established e-commerce sleep brand. Founded 9 years ago,… Read More

Manufactured by popular online sleep retailer Saatva, the Saatva mattress is a coil-on-coil innerspring bed available in a range of firmness and thickness options. The Saatva offers an excellent degree of customization for sleepers of almost any body type and with a variety of sleeping habits. Saatva is an established e-commerce sleep brand. Founded 9… Read More

Best Fat Burners

Fat burners have gained in popularity in recent years. As the average body weight in Western countries continues to rise, more people than ever are looking for solutions to the problem. Fat burners have proved their worth in clinical trials as a weight loss aid, so they provide an obvious destination for the health-conscious. A… Read More

Larger sleepers deserve a good night’s sleep just like everyone else, but they often have unique needs that mean the average mattress doesn’t do the job. For this guide, we classify heavy sleepers as those weighing over 230 pounds, or above the societal average. We find this benchmark to be the most helpful when evaluating… Read More

There is a wide range of mattresses on offer in 2022, all jostling to be the best by offering the latest in mattress technology. While it’s great to have so many options, it can make finding the right mattress for you a challenge. To make matters more complicated, sleepers have to take their own needs… Read More

Side sleeping always rates as the most common sleep option on popular surveys. That means side sleepers also make up the largest proportion of mattress shoppers out there. While scientists say side sleeping is one of the healthiest positions available, side sleepers still need to take a few considerations into account when they shop for… Read More

Latex mattresses have experienced a recent resurgence and they’re now a popular option for modern sleepers. Latex is valued for its resilience, softness, and hypo-allergenic nature. Other benefits of the latex mattress include its low motion transfer, quiet sleep experience, and strong support. Latex mattresses come in various styles, from 100% natural latex beds to… Read More

The Best Electric Kettles

Though often overlooked, the electric kettle can offer a serious upgrade to the modern kitchen. We’re all about convenience and efficiency as we fit eating and drinking into busy lives and the electric kettle is an excellent way to make things a little smoother. Not just for tea-drinkers, an electric kettle can benefit coffee and… Read More

The Best Memory Foam Pillows

Your pillow is one of the most vital ingredients for a good night’s sleep. It supports the head and neck while you sleep, ensuring your comfort and saving you from cramps and aches the next day. That’s assuming you choose the correct one. Memory foam pillows can offer more support and greater levels of comfort… Read More

The Best Jogging Strollers

It can be hard to get a regular work-out when you have a baby or toddler to look after. There are parenting duties to coordinate and schedules to juggle, and by the time you have all the logistics worked out, you’re either too exhausted to exercise or the sun’s gone down. Jogging strollers are a… Read More

The Best Crock Pots

Humans have enjoyed the convenience and deep flavors of slow-cooked meals for millennia. While few people keep bubbling perpetual stews anymore, the spirit of this method stays alive in the form of modern slow cookers. The slow cooker revolutionized kitchens in the 1970s before declining in popularity in the following decades. After modern innovations and… Read More

The Best Stand Mixers

Are tired arms keeping you from baking what you want? If so, then it could be time to invest in a stand mixer. Stand mixers are a fixture of the modern kitchen and almost essential for the baking enthusiast. They take the hard work out of mixing, kneading, and otherwise preparing a huge range of… Read More

The Best Canister Vacuums

Cleaning is hard, but it’s easier with the right vacuum. Regular, upright vacuums are useful, but they don’t necessarily make cleaning more attractive. They can be difficult to maneuver and intrusively loud. Canister vacuums were designed to combat these challenges. But not all canister vacuums are created equal. To choose the best canister vacuum for… Read More

Oil diffuser in home

Most of us could stand to achieve a little more relaxation in life. Sometimes you can achieve this in the smallest ways. Finding a touch of extra zen in your life can yield surprisingly large results. Essential oils are a popular way of finding that zen spot. Nice smells unlock the feel-good portions of the… Read More

Young woman holding collagen supplement

We’re all looking for some self-improvement. Supplements are a popular way of attempting to achieve better all-round health in small, everyday ways. Many people swear by them, and studies show they can make up for certain dietary deficiencies. Collagen peptides are a popular choice of supplement. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins our… Read More

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes offer an excellent way to improve your fitness in the comfort of your own home. These stationary bikes also strip away the excuses, like weather, cost, and journey time, helping users to stick to their exercise regime. On top of that, exercise bikes are an accessible way to start down the road toward… Read More

Treadmills and people exercising

Treadmills are a common sight in public gyms, but they’ve also found a place in the home for fitness enthusiasts and others who are starting out on their fitness journey. Treadmills provide an excellent way to get fit in the comfort of your home and knock down some of the common barriers to fitness, like… Read More

Knife set in kitchen

Chefs love to say that the most dangerous implement in the kitchen is a dull knife. Many people try to make do with old knives, not realizing that they make even common kitchen tasks more difficult and dangerous. A knife set is an excellent way to make a small but game-changing upgrade to your kitchen…. Read More