The Best Ice Cream Scoops

Ice cream may not be an all-season dessert for you, but for a lot of people, ice cream is for any time. Most every country has ice cream (or their version of it) in their top 5 most popular desserts and it’s pretty easy to see why. Not only are there so many flavors that… Read More

The Best Wedge Pillows

If you’ve experienced any kind of long term breathing or reflux concerns, a wedge pillow may be a figurative and literal life saver. When you can’t breathe, falling asleep can put you at a particularly vulnerable position and positioning yourself the right way may be the trick to getting a good night’s sleep. Of course,… Read More

The Best Coffee Tables

A coffee table may be named for holding beverages, but there are so many other uses. They have so much functioning potential that they have become a furniture stable in most homes. Placing them in front of your couch will allow you a place to set your book, your meal, your controllers, remotes and yes,… Read More

The Best Kneeling Chairs

Sitting in the same position for hours on end may not be good for your body, but for those of us who work in an office, there hasn’t traditionally been much we can do to change that. There are expensive standing desks or ball chairs, but several workplaces won’t allow those changes, much less pay… Read More

The Best Hair Dryers

If you have hair of any length, there’s a more than good chance you have a hair dryer to make sure you don’t have to wait out the natural drying of your hair. Not only is that tediously slow, drying naturally does not usually end in a style you like (nor is it especially good… Read More

The Best Kids Dressers

We know your little one would look just as cute to you in a burlap bag as a cute outfit but that doesn’t mean he won’t have dozens of cute outfits anyways. Likely the first thing you ever bought your child is a piece of clothing; and that’s probably true for all his relatives, too…. Read More

The Best Kids Bookcases

Long has it been known that reading to your child will help him develop a strong handle of the language. Even reading to your infant can have a positive effect on her learning the language; and the sooner she understands it, the sooner she can work on speaking it to you. (And the sooner she… Read More

The Best Rain Shower Heads

There are few things in life as relaxing as a good shower. The older you get, the more likely it is that you’ll become a bit more discerning with your preferences and when you determine what you like best, it’s hard to settle for less. For several of us, the right shower can wash away… Read More

The Best Makeup Mirrors

You may think you have a pretty good idea of what goes where on your face, but very few people can actually apply makeup without a mirror. And although it is often called a “makeup mirror” there are plenty of uses for such a mirror that aren’t related to makeup at all. In fact, once… Read More

The Best Standing Desks

If you work at a desk all day, then there’s a good chance you have a relatively sedentary lifestyle for at least 40 hours a week. Taking into consideration that you also sleep roughly 8 hours and take 2 hours for dinner prep, eat and clean up, one hour combined commute to and from work,… Read More

The Best Water Filtration Systems

It can be downright stunning how much money you spend on bottled water if that’s your primary source of hydration. But drinking water directly from your tap can be an unpleasant task. The taste and smell can be off putting and for many, even though access to water is right in your own home, it… Read More

The Best Kids' Desks

The furniture in your child’s room changes so much as he grows. You won’t likely have him going through school with a changing table or crib, for example. You may find that the toy box will change into a bookcase or organizational unit of some kind. In order for your child to nurture his creativity… Read More

The Best Clothes Steamers

Steaming your clothes is such an easy way to eliminate the wrinkles that steamers are becoming more popular than ever. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and nearly every article of clothing can be steamed with ease. You can even find a mini steamer to take it with you in case of… Read More

The Best Bike Headlights

You may not realize it right away, but if you’re in the market for a bike, you’re likely also in the market for a bike headlight. Several bikes come with headlights, but the majority do not, and to keep yourself safe, that means you’ll soon be shopping for more than you may have expected. Even… Read More