Avocado’s entire brand is built around being as eco-friendly, ethically made, and natural as possible. Its product line comes with plenty of certifications that make sure they’re organic, free of bad chemicals, and good for the environment – and everything is crafted by hand in the U.S. It’s also famous for having an exceptionally long 1-year sleep trial.

The Avocado Vegan is one of two mattresses in the company’s current line-up. Like the company’s flag-ship model, the Avocado Green, it’s a hybrid that combines all-natural Dunlop latex and individually wrapped innersprings. Think about it like the Avocado Green, but vegan: instead of wool, it only uses cotton in its cover, and doesn’t have any other animal materials. Unlike most mattresses, which cater to side sleepers, the Avocado Vegan is designed with back and stomach sleepers in mind, as well as people who have issues with back pain.

Read on for our thoughts on this mattress. In this guide, you’ll find our break-down of the Avocado Vegan’s specs, pros and cons, and FAQs, as well as its ideal customer.

Avocado Vegan Mattress Overview

Avocado Vegan Mattress
Avocado Vegan Mattress

Excellent responsiveness for stomach and back sleepers, all on an organic mattress made with no animal products.

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The Avocado Vegan is 11’’ thick. It’s made of two layers, one latex and one innerspring. The top layer is 2’’ of foam made out of 100% natural Dunlop latex, while the bottom layer is 1” of the same foam and 8’’ of 1,414 innerspring coils. These coils are individually wrapped in fabric and made out of wires in three different gauges that are arranged in 5 different zones, each targeting a different section of your body. The optional pillow-top adds another two inches of the Dunlop latex foam, bringing the Avocado Vegan up to 13’’ tall.

All of this is contained in a 100% organic cotton mattress cover. Grown in India by family farmers, it’s then needle-tufted by hand in the U.S. at 400 grams per square foot.

All the materials used in the Avocado Vegan come with a number of purity standards, like OEKO-TEX and GOLS, which guarantee the mattress is organic, eco-friendly, and doesn’t contain any bad chemicals.


On a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being ultra-soft and 10 being ultra-firm, Avocado ranks the Avocado Vegan at a 7. This makes it medium-firm, meaning it gives you plenty of bounce and natural cushioning but still stays quite firm, so while it’s soft enough to be comfortable, you won’t sink into it as with medium and medium-soft mattresses. This firmness is the best for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people who are lighter.

Side sleepers will want to look for something medium and below, while heavier sleepers will probably be better off with a mattress thicker than the Avocado Vegan’s 11 inches. For people who want a softer and thicker Avocado Vegan, the company has the option of a pillow-top, which will add on an extra two inches while bringing the firmness down to a plusher, medium 6.

As for reviewers, most people tend to find the Avocado Vegan nice and firm, and even hard, but in a way that stays comfortable and good for relieving back pain. You should also keep in mind that the mattress will naturally get softer over time.


SizeStandardWith Pillow-Top
Twin XL$999$1,299
California King$1,699$2,199

Avocado Vegan Mattress Pros and Cons

Made with all-natural, eco-friendly, organic, and vegan materialsNot ideal for side sleepers and heavier people without the pillow-top
Combines the contouring and bounce of latex with the support of innersprings1-year sleep trial can’t be used again with any future Avocado mattresses if you return your mattress
Sleeps coolWhite-glove delivery service is extra, and costs $199
Designed especially for people with back pain25-year warranty is limited/prorated
Sleep trial is a year long
Free shipping and returns, including to Hawaii and Alaska

Avocado Vegan Mattress Breakdown

In this section, we’ll take a look at the most commonly asked questions people have about the Avocado Vegan. To learn more about how we choose and review our mattresses, check out our methodology page.

Is it made from quality materials?

The Avocado Vegan is made with cotton and Dunlop latex (one of the highest quality natural latexes available on the market) that is certified to be all-organic, all-natural, and free of bad chemicals. Its manufacturing is top-notch as well, with the cover being tufted by hand. Meanwhile, the heat-treated and stress-relieved innerspring coils are individually wrapped and made of three different wire gauges, as well as arranged in five different zones. Plus, the mattress comes with a number of eco-friendly and sustainable certificates, so you can make sure you’re shopping green.

How long will it last?

The Avocado Vegan is made with natural, organic materials that come with plenty of quality certifications, so it should last you quite a while. Because the company’s only been around for four years, though, it’s too early to say for sure exactly how long that is, but no customers have complained about their mattress’ life-span yet.

How well does it conform to my body?

Latex foam may not be as famous as memory foam, but it’s just as good at conforming to the body and giving you that signature “hugging” feeling. Not only will the Avocado Vegan’s top layer react to your body heat and contour to your curves, angles, and pressure points, but the individually wrapped coils in the bottom layer is designed to do this as well. Since the innersprings are arranged in 5 zones, each one tailored to a different section of your body, you’ll get support that distributes your weight down to the inch.

Is the edge supportive?

Because the Avocado Vegan is a latex hybrid, it doesn’t have the same sagging edge that you’d get with a regular latex mattress. The individually wrapped springs in its bottom layer give you plenty of edge-to-edge support, which means you won’t sink if you sit or sleep on the edge of the mattress.

Does it sleep hot?

One of the big advantages of natural latex is that it keeps customers sleeping cool all night. Because the foam in the top layer of the Avocado Vegan (and the optional pillow-top, if you decide to add it) is made of certified organic latex, it doesn’t trap heat. The sweat-absorbing certified organic cotton in the cover will also help with this, since it’s breathable and doesn’t restrict airflow, and this is also the case with the individually wrapped coils in the mattress’ bottom layer.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

Like with any mattress made with latex, even the natural kind, you may experience a little bit of off-gassing when you first unbox your Avocado Vegan. That said, the latex used here is 100% certified organic and OEKO-TEX-approved, so any off-gassing you do get will be slight and completely harmless. Besides, most reviewers who mentioned it said they didn’t notice any off-gassing with their mattress.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

Both the mattress’ top and bottom layers are designed to isolate you and your partner’s movements to your different sides of the bed. All-natural latex, like the kind used in the Avocado Vegan, hugs your body and absorbs your movements, while individually wrapped coils cuts down on the motion transfer you’d get from regular innersprings.

Who is Best Suited for an Avocado Vegan Mattress?

Avocado is very transparent about the fact that the Vegan is designed with back and stomach sleepers in mind. Because it falls on the firmer side of the spectrum, it may be too hard for side sleepers, while people who sleep on their backs and stomachs will find just the right amount of firmness to keep their backs, chests, and hips supported. People who struggle with back pain will find the Avocado Vegan caters to them as well: even without the extra 2” of Dunlop latex in the pillow-top add-on, the individually wrapped coils in the mattress’ bottom layer provide great targeted support, while the pillow-top adds even more pressure relief.

The Avocado Vegan is also great for couples and people who tend to sleep hot. The latex and coils are both designed to keep movements restricted to each side of the bed while staying bouncy enough for sex, while the latex and cotton are breathable enough not to trap heat. Plus, vegans, animal-lovers, and ethical shoppers are obviously the target audience: the Avocado Vegan is guaranteed to be wool-free, eco-friendly, and responsibly sourced.

Side sleepers and heavier people may want to look elsewhere. For these two groups, Avocado recommends adding on the pillow-top for more softness and another two inches, but since this will set you back an extra $240-$500, it might make more sense to just buy a more suitable mattress entirely.

Ready to Buy an Avocado Vegan Mattress?

Before deciding on an Avocado Vegan, you should take a moment to get up to date with the company’s sleep trial, warranty, and shipping policies.

Sleep Trial

Most mattress companies that offer sleep trials give customers 3 months at most, but Avocado’s is 1-year-long. After you receive your mattress, you have to use it for a minimum of 30 to 60 nights, and if you decide that it doesn’t work for you before the 365 nights are up, you can contact Avocado to return the mattress for a full refund. Customers in the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska, don’t have to pay exchange or return fees, and Avocado will pick up the mattress from your house.

For your mattress to qualify for a refund, it has to be in a donatable condition, which the company will confirm using photos. You only get two sleep-trials per mattress per first order, and if you do end up returning your mattress, you won’t get a sleep trial on any future mattresses.


Avocado offers a 25-year limited warranty with all of its mattresses. This warranty is prorated. This means for the first 10 years, the company will decide whether it wants to repair or replace your mattress for free, as long as the defects you’re reaching out about  aren’t due to normal wear and tear and fall under an approved list. Then, for the next 15 years, the repairs or replacements will cost you an extra charge that starts at 50 percent of how much you paid for the mattress, and goes up 5 percent each year.

Availability and Delivery

You can buy the Avocado Vegan straight from Avocado’s website, or from one of the company’s “experience centers” if you’re in NYC, Hoboken, New Jersey, or Santa Monica, CA. Shipping is free for customers anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, and the company also offers in-home delivery, set-up, and old mattress removal for an additional $199.

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