Bear has been in business for over 25 years, getting its start as a family-run start-up. The company works closely with Good Sports (a nationwide organization that helps fund and equip children’s sports and physical activity programs) and donates its unwanted mattresses to youth shelters. The original Bear mattress set out to be a premium all-foam bed that was perfect for active lifestyles. The company uses a patented cover made with Celliant technology on all of their mattresses. This material absorbs your body’s energy and converts it into infrared rays, which helps give you restful sleep, wake up with more energy, and promotes muscle recovery. The Bear Pro mattress is the newest model produced by the company. It has all the benefits of Bear’s other mattresses while upgrading certain aspects (like making the cover removable). This all-foam bed gives you a great balance of comfort and support while also being a cool-to-the-touch sleeping surface. We’ll answer every question you might have in this in-depth Bear Pro mattress review.

Bear Pro Mattress Overview

Bear Pro
Bear Pro Mattress

The Bear Pro mattress uses infrared technology to help you recover after a workout and keep you cool while you sleep. FLT readers receive $200 off!

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The Bear Pro is made of four different foam layers that are wrapped in the company’s signature cover. The Celliant performance cover is made from a specially designed material that converts body heat into infrared light. This technology is great for sleeping because it absorbs your body’s heat—to help you sleep cool—and the energy it gives off has been scientifically proven to regenerate muscle cells faster and help you sleep. The Bear Pro has a new version of the Celliant cover that is completely removable for easy cleaning.

The top layer of this mattress is made of copper infused memory foam. The copper helps pull heat away as you sleep, and the memory foam is soft to the touch for body contouring. The next layer is also memory foam, but this one uses gel for added temperature regulation; the two top layers together give you a good amount of pressure point relief. The third foam layer is a denser polyfoam to transition from soft foam to supportive foam. The high-density bottom foam makes up seven inches of the bed and is made to give you a durable and stable base that also provides much-needed support.


The Bear Pro mattress has a medium to medium-firm feel. The top layers of memory foam give you decent contouring for pressure point relief, and the thick high-density base foam gives you strong support. With the Pro being just a little softer than most medium-firm beds, it is an incredibly versatile sleeping surface. People who prefer to sleep on their back, stomach, or in a combination of positions will most likely find the balance between comfort and support very comfortable. Side sleepers, particularly those who are average to above-average weight, should find the memory foam layers contour nicely to the body. However, side sleepers who like softer beds might find the Pro too supportive.


You can purchase a Bear pro mattress in every size from twin to California king. The chart below tells you the price of each size before any discounts or sales.

Twin XL$900
California King$1,250

Bear Pro Mattress Pros and Cons

Copper and gel-infused memory foams keep you from sleeping too hotOnly one firmness option
Celliant cover keeps you cool and helps regenerate muscle cellsBelow average edge support
Great motion isolation and virtually silent sleeping surfaceRequired to test for 30-days before returning
Bear donates to children's charities and gives unwanted mattresses to youth shelters
Affordable price range
Free shipping and a 100-night trial

Bear Pro Mattress Breakdown

For a better idea of how the Bear Pro mattress feels, we’ve answered some crucial questions below. To learn more about our review process and how we pick products, check out our methodology.

Is it made from quality materials?

The Bear Pro bed uses multiple layers of high-quality memory foam and the company’s signature Celliant mattress cover for a premium feeling sleeping surface. The patented cover uses a special fabric technology that converts body heat into infrared light to promote cell recovery and better sleep. The high-density base foams have also proven to be long-lasting in the other Bear models.

How long will it last?

Thanks to the materials used in its construction, the Bear Pro is expected to last about seven years—which is longer than the average memory foam bed. The mattress is also covered by Bear’s 10-year limited warranty (more details on that can be found below). It should be noted that, since the Pro is Bear’s newest mattress, it’s longevity is estimated based on the materials used for its construction.

How well does it conform to my body?

While medium-firm mattresses aren’t known for great contouring, the top layers of memory foam used in the Bear Pro give a decent amount of pressure point relief. Side sleepers looking for more support might appreciate this balance, but side sleepers looking for more contouring might find that the Pro is too supportive. People who prefer to sleep on their backs will find that this bed has the perfect amount of shoulder and lumbar support while still conforming close to your body.

Is the edge supportive?

A common downside for all-foam mattresses is the edge support. The Bear Pro uses high-density base foam to help reinforce the bed, but customers will still find a noticeable amount of sinkage around the edge—especially when getting in or out of bed. While this can be annoying if you like to sit on the side of mattress when getting ready in the morning, it’s particularly an issue with couples (who might feel like they can’t sleep too close to the edges of their mattress).

Does it sleep hot?

The Bear Pro manages to sleep fairly cool, especially for an all-foam mattress. The Celliant fabric covers whisk away body heat and converts it into energy. The most impressive feature of the cover is the energy conversion, but the process of using your body heat means you will feel cool when laying on top of this material. The two layers of memory foam use copper and gel which both help combat retention of any body heat.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

As with all foam mattresses, the Bear Pro will give off an odor after the initial unpacking. Both the bed’s materials and compression process (for shipping) leave a slight smell, but the scent is completely non-toxic. Depending on how open your space is, the smell should naturally disappear within a few hours of unboxing.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

The soft upper layers used in the Pro mattress help isolate nearly all movement. If your partner is changing sleep positions or getting up before you’re awake, the bed will significantly reduce any sleep disruptions that would typically occur. The soft materials are also virtually silent. This means moving around won’t make any sounds like in a spring bed, and it should keep you from waking up when your partner moves around.

Who is Best Suited for a Bear Pro Mattress?

The Bear Pro mattress might be a great choice for you based on your lifestyle and sleeping preferences. One of the most notable features of this mattress is the Celliant cover which is perfect for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. The special fabric uses infrared light to generate muscle cells; the infrared technology is powered by your body heat and allows you to sleep cool while also recovering.

The Pro mattress has multiple different qualities that make it a good choice for hot sleepers. The cover absorbs extra body heat, the first layer of memory foam uses copper which pulls heat away from your body, and the second layer of foam uses gel-infused memory foam for added cooling. The supportive high-density foam coupled with the softer top layers makes this a perfect bed for back and combination sleepers. On top of all the great features, the Bear Pro also manages to be relatively affordable compared to other all-foam beds. The free shipping and 100-night trial are a great value and let you test the mattress out before committing.

Ready to Buy a Bear Pro Mattress?

If you like everything you’ve read about the Bear Pro mattress so far, check out the important information below before making your decision.

Sleep Trial

The Bear Pro mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial. This period also has a minimum 30-day requirement, which is because it can take at least that long for your body to adjust to a new bed. If you are unhappy with the product any time within the remaining 70 days, the company fully refunds your purchase and will arrange for pick up. Mattress returns are arranged with local charitable organizations to help give gently used beds to people who need them and keep waste out of landfills.


Bear covers their mattresses with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty will cover any lasting body impression deeper than one inch and physical flaws like cracks in the memory foam. These are contingent on proper handling and care—meaning your Bear Pro has to be kept on a suitable base and is not damaged from user error like cuts, burns, or stains. If all the requirements are met, the company will either fix or replace any damaged mattress.

Availability and Delivery

The Bear Pro mattress is available online exclusively through the Bear website. The company has a showroom in Hoboken, NJ and works with Sleepare (a physical store located in New York City). The Pro mattress is compressed and boxed and ships free via FedEx. White glove delivery is available larger Bear products for an additional cost—White glove delivery costs $100 while white glove delivery and removal of your old mattress costs $150.

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