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You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count – and said a time or two yourself – kids don’t come with instructions. The best you can do is love them, try your hardest to make the tough choices that you think are right for them, and defer to those who know better than you do when you’re in over your head. Sometimes, that might be your trusted pediatrician, while other times you’ll likely find yourself turning to other parents with a few more years of experience under their belts who have successfully navigated similar challenges.

Once upon a time, you had to resort to your mother or grandmother for advice. If they didn’t know the answer, you were just out of luck. Now, the answer to virtually everything is just a click away. Whether you’re looking for someone you can relate to when you are feeling isolated and alone in your parenting journey or you need advice in a specific area, there are hundreds of parenting blogs offering sage advice (or a good laugh when you need it most) on just about every possible parenting scenario you might encounter.

We’ve rounded up 51 top-notch parenting blogs below that do just that. Kids definitely don’t come with instructional manuals, but a good parenting blog is the next best thing.

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Blogs Offering Practical Tips

1. 5 Kids is a Lot of Kids


5 Kids is a Lot of Kids

You can’t accuse Beth Woolsey of not having the experience to back up her advice. She has five kids, adopted and biological, both boys and girls, with an age range that spans more than a decade. She created this blog to share her messy, funny, real life family adventures and all the support and advice that comes with them.

Three posts we like from 5 Kids is a Lot of Kids:

2. Alpha Mom


Alpha Mom

This blog will help those of us who don’t have strong, natural parenting instincts (or maybe we do, but we just haven’t realized it yet). Alpha Mom aims to create a judgement-free parenting resource to walk modern parents through the parts of the parenting journey that require a bit more finesse. The creator, Isabel Kallman, has gathered parents and parenting professionals as contributors to the site, providing support and knowledge to help you gain confidence as a parent.

Three posts we like from Alpha Mom:

3. Caffeine & Fairydust


caffiene and fairydust

This parenting and lifestyle blog comes from mom and fashion designer, Maz Halliday. She explores her day to day life with inspiring realism. She is open and forthcoming both about the not-so-glamorous sides of parenting and her own personal struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. This is a wonderfully informative blog that is entirely relatable.

Three posts we like from Caffeine & Fairydust:

4. Foster the Family


Foster the Family

This is the blog of Jamie Finn, foster parent extraordinaire. Her family leans on their Christianity to see them through difficult and happy times and that includes everything from fostering, adoption, and biological parenting in each of those parameters. She homeschools her children and has a passion for orphan care, inspiring her to reach out provide information to anyone she can inspire to open their hearts and homes.

Three posts we like from Foster the Family:

5. Have Baby, Will Travel


Have Baby Will Travel

If you’re interested in maintaining an active travel schedule even after you have children, then this blog may become your most valuable resource. Because travelling with a jet-lagged baby is miserable (let alone your jet-lagged self!), and any tip to lessen that misery earns our love. Created in 2007 by Corinne McDormott, this blog strives to motivate and help families with babies, toddlers, and children to travel with their kids, but without the stress. Corinne is a travel consultant and Family Travel Specialist, so she has plenty of expertise and helpful tidbits to share.

Three posts we like from Have Baby, Will Travel:

6. Kristina Kuzmic


Kristina Kuzmic

This is a hybrid of the old blog ways and the new, featuring both written and video content. Kristina Kuzmic is a mother with three children who manages to find balance in beautiful chaos, something to which most of us can relate. She’s gone from a struggling single mom of two to a married and successful mom of three like a total boss, and she’s a constant reminder to all parents that it gets better and that you are enough. Her blog articles are well written, but her viral fame comes from her videos, which you’ve probably seen and didn’t even realize. (And somehow, her hair always looks amazing.)

Three posts we like from Kristina Kuzmic:

7. Mama Knows it All


Mama Knows it All

This blog is from Brandi Riley, a Northern Californian who details her experiences in life and in raising her two children. She started the blog to give herself an outlet, but the community she found has kept her here. Her contribution to the community is one of support, and from the stories she shares, we can learn what things work and what don’t, as well as what may work.

Three posts we like from Mama Knows it All:

8. Mine in China

Mine in China

This blog has a very specific audience: those who have, or are interested in, adopting internationally. The creator, Kelly Mayfield, has adopted two children and created this blog to not only give fellow adoptive mothers a voice, but to share her experiences. Along with her experience comes a wealth of knowledge that can help potential adoptive parents with the finances, red tape, and frustrations that come along with the long (yet rewarding) process of international adoption.

Three posts we like from Mine in China:

9. Modern Parents Messy Kids


Modern Parents Messy Kids

This is an incredibly helpful blog for any parent who feels lost from time to time, and it’s packed with tons of tools and guides, mostly free (we snagged a 5 week meal plan, complete with recipes and grocery list by subscribing), and a few you’d need to purchase, too. For example, a Kids’ Responsibility & Money Management Kit comes in a PDF file for $14.99. The blog is run by mom of three Stephanie Morgan. Her goal isn’t to help you make everything perfect; it’s to help you make your life as simple and your family as connected as possible.

Three posts we like from Modern Parents, Messy Kids:

10. Mom Tricks


Mom Tricks

This blog by Jennifer Taylor has a lot of information and posts about being a mother, but the focus is primarily on pregnancy and the baby stages. Mom Tricks covers pretty much everything you could want to know from the time you become pregnant until baby becomes toddler. The Gear Guides are impressively detailed, too; they have a list of every item you need along with articles detailing why you need them and how to use them.

Three posts we like from Mom Tricks:

11. Momastery



This blog was started with one rule: Be brave enough to tell your story, and be kind enough to let others tell theirs. The combination of “mom” and “monastery” is no accident; the goal of this blog is to give people a kinder way to live in the world. What started as a mom blog from Glennon Doyle has spent almost 10 years growing into something truly remarkable. The community and support she gained through the website launched an entire movement, Together Rising (sometimes spaced differently to encompass the project goals: To Get Her Rising). Through Together Rising, they’ve raised over $8 million to reach women, children, and families in need all around the world.

Three posts we like from Momastery:

12. Moments a Day


Moments a Day

The goal of this blog is to provide resources and inspiration for your family to grow closer and kinder. Chelsea Lee Smith made this blog to challenge herself to find a meaningful moment in her family’s day for an entire year. Four years later, the blog has done more than bring her family closer and made them kinder – it’s reached thousands of families trying to do the same. She offers several resources in her shop including a drawing journal that asks kids questions to inspire them and a printable pack for everything from rainy day activities to coloring pages.

Three posts we like from Moments a Day:

13. Mommy A to Z


Mommy A to Z

Meredith Hale made this blog in an effort to organize her thoughts on parenting in a neat A to Z format. She has several articles where the titles are named like a Sesame Street Episode, such as H is for… Hurry Up! But even in the articles where she leaves this MO behind, she still tackles the issues of motherhood with love and honesty. She’s published two books and dozens of articles at the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, Scary Mommy, and more. Chances are, you’ve probably seen some of her work already. Mommy A to Z is where it all started.

Three posts we like from Mommy A to Z:

14. Mommy and Love


Mommy and Love

Monica Geglio, a mother and author, created Mommy and Love while expecting her first child. Since then, she’s transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle, and she shares a lot of tasty recipes on the blog. She and her family have also made the effort to life an independent and sustainable lifestyle in a farmhouse with sheep, chickens, and an impressive garden. She even takes part of the Mother’s Milk Cooperative to sell her breast milk to women in need. This is a great blog for anyone looking for tips on how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Three posts we like from Mommy & Love:

15. Nature Moms


Nature Moms

This is the blog of Tiffany Washko, mom of three. She posts and shares articles on her blog pertaining to a natural family life, and to that end, she classifies her family as living on an urban homestead. When you can’t move to the country to sustain your family, but still have that passion to provide for yourself as much as possible, the urban homestead lifestyle might be just what you’re looking for. She has countless tips on how to stay off the grid, provide for your family, and teach your children how to do so, as well.

Three posts we like from Nature Moms:

16. Parenting



This is the quintessential resource for all things parenting (hence the name). It comes from the magazine of the same title that ran in publication from 1987 to 2013, when it was bought by Meredith Company (the same company that owns Parents magazine), and it became an exclusively online blog-style publication. You can spend hours looking on this site for anything from baby names to guides for infertility and lists of expert recommended apps for autistic children.

Three posts we like from Parenting:

17. Tech Savvy Mama


Tech Savvy Mama

A lot of “geek” or “tech” sites are manned by men, but this one is managed by a woman and mom. Leticia Barr is the mother of two middle school aged children and has a background in classroom technology integration and school administration, so her perspective is one of thorough experience. She shares her first hand knowledge of tech, teaching, and school administration as it pertains to parenting, making it a worthy read for any parent.

Three posts we like from Tech Savvy Mama:

18. The Blogess


The Blogess

We love this blogger because she is so unabashedly real – even when that’s not necessarily flattering. Jenny Lawson, creator of The Bloggess, made this lifestyle blog with her own dark sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from the reality of her lifestyle: she suffers from depression. And while she’s the first to say that there’s nothing that can be done to “snap her out of it,” we absolutely adore the way she copes: she asks for readers to tell her something good. Just reading through the comments (here) will perk you right up.

Three posts we like from The Bloggess:

19. The Budget Mom


The Budget Mom

Sometimes the hardest part of being a mom is figuring out how to do it all and still have the money you need to actually do it all. Kumiko Ehrmantraut, an Accredited Financial Counselor and mother who learned the hard way how to get herself out of debt and attain financial freedom, is the blogger behind The Budget Mom. She has products for budgeting every dollar that you can purchase, but the entire blog is filled with tips and tricks that will help you start to live a more financially responsible life.

Three posts we like from The Budget Mom:

20. The Jenny Evolution


The Jenny Evolution

The goal of this blog is to discuss the topics that are genuinely of interest to moms. Blogger Jennifer Hughes is the mother of boys and a cruise director with a passion for tech and food. Her blog posts all aim to make your parenting experience easier, reviewing products that will help your family, providing recipes that are tasty and easy, and talking about parenting in a way that can actually help you along the way.

Three posts we like from The Jenny Evolution:

21. The Realistic Mama


The Realistic Mama

This is the blog of Alida Quittschreiber, a mother of two, and her blog is packed with real thoughts and helpful tools – and none of the “ain’t nobody got time for that” stuff that a lot of parenting blogs use. She shares practical and realistic ideas that will make your life a bit easier and none of the ones that will over complicate your life for the sake of pretty photos. Subscribing to the blog will get you a free, downloadable Family Organizer. We did and seriously, it’s a gorgeous planner.

Three posts we like from The Realistic Mama:

22. When Crazy Meets Exhaustion


When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

This is the blog of Stephanie Jankowski, an English teacher and mom who has no problem writing exactly what she means and making us laugh every time. Often, parents feel like they don’t really get the blunt truth from their kids’ teachers, and this blog puts it all out in the open for you. She has an entire section devoted to “Teaching Stuff” that may just clue you into the inner workings of a teacher’s mind. Spoiler: They’re human, too. And sometimes, they’re hilarious.

Three posts we like from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion:

23. Your Modern Family


Your Modern Family

This blog is from Becky Mansfield, mother of four and former elementary school teacher. She is currently a play therapist and author of a handful of best-selling books that prove to be incredibly helpful on the journey of raising children. One such book is her Potty Train in a Weekend, which is a trick most parents would kill to achieve. Her blog deals with marriage, parenting, saving money, recipes, travel, and staying healthy, and it also provides kids activity ideas, as well.

Three posts we like from Your Modern Family:

24. Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting blog


Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting blog

The Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting blog is a great resource for parents looking for the latest tips and advice on everyday issues. The blog has a variety of articles on parenting, child education, health and safety, and more. It even has a recipes section, with excellent tips on food preparation that the whole family will love. The editor in chief of this blog is Varda Epstein. She’s a self-educated writer and mother of 12! The blog is her way of showing parents that anyone can accumulate knowledge and apply it to any endeavor you desire to do well, for instance, parenting.

Three posts we like from the Kars4Kids Smarter Parenting blog:

Funny Parenting Takes

25. Crappy Pictures


Crappy Pictures

This blog is one we’ve followed for years, back when it was called “Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures.” Since then, the name has been shortened to simply Crappy Pictures. The creator, Amber Dusick, illustrates her daily life with her two sons using minimal technology and minimal effort. The result, however, is maximum hilarity. She started the blog in 2011 and in 2015, she hit the pause button to live life and enjoy her family. (Who can blame her?) She un-paused her blog in 2017, though, and has been plugging away at her artistic, genius approach to storytelling since.

Three posts we like from Crappy Pictures:

26. Hurrah For Gin


Hurrah For Gin

This mommy has an intense appreciation for parenting… and for gin. Katie Kirby is this the blogger and blog operator at Hurrah for Gin, and she depicts her everyday scenarios with stick figures and thought bubbles in a funny take on parenthood. She has two boys and is based in Brighton, UK. Her cursing is on a completely different level than most parenting blogs, so be prepared (to laugh until you cry).

Three posts we like from Hurrah for Gin:

27. I Mom So Hard


I Mom So Hard

This is a video blog that we just couldn’t resist including because of how hilariously relevant it is. You know the best friends who play off each other so well that just listening to them chat has you in stitches? That’s Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, who are so brutally honest and so utterly shameless in the truths of parenthood that you watch their videos and immediately find yourself thinking, “Yes!” and wishing you were their best friend. Be careful when you start watching, though, you may spend hours watching video after video and definitely not doing your laundry. Not that we know anything about that.

Three posts we like from I Mom So Hard:

 28. My Kind of Parenting


My Kind of Parenting

My Kind Of Parenting is a blog that refers to both the parenting style of Kate Meier, blog owner, and also implies that her style of parenting is kind of  parenting, which is a hilariously humble approach we love. And, for the record, it’s obvious that she’s a great mom. Articles span a number of fabulous parenting categories: Cry About It, Laugh About It, How To, Awkward, Truth, Then and Now, Let’s get Rude, and Cool Stuff. Pretty much all the thoughts you can have about parenting fits pretty neatly into one or more of these categories, and we highly recommend spending some time in the Laugh About It section.

Three posts we like from My Kind Of Parenting:

29. Pregnant Chicken


Pregnant Chicken

Amy Morrison launched this blog in 2004, and since then has developed a rock star team of women: graphic designers, techies, writers, and mama gurus. Pregnant Chicken spans a variety topics, but we find the “Asshattery” category, where all the hilariously finer points of parenting are explored, particularly hilarious. Another highly entertaining read is the “Scary Shit Series,” where all the things that could go wrong are detailed so you won’t be left clueless. Sure, you can look up RSV on Mayo Clinic, but getting another mommy’s explanation is often more helpful.

Three posts we like from Pregnant Chicken:

30. Scary Mommy


Scary Mommy

You just can’t write a list of Parenting Blogs without including Scary Mommy. It’s a compilation blog to which anyone – from Doctor to Cat Therapist – can contribute and editors select which articles to publish. The blog is wildly popular, meaning editors have to be rather selective, but that’s a good thing: they almost exclusively publish the most hilarious, entertaining, and in-your-face realities of parenting. Scary Mommy was originally created in 2008 by Jill Smokler to chronicle her stay at home mom adventures, but it took on a life of its own and was later bought by Vinit Bharara, who made it into the glorious machine it is today.

Three posts we like from Scary Mommy:

Health and Wellness Blogs

31. Aha! Parenting


Aha Parenting

This blog was created by Dr. Laura Markham to help fellow parents reach that coveted eureka moment where something just clicks in your head and you find something that works – to change your behavior or your child’s – for the better. The entire blog is set to help you achieve your own Aha! moment (hence the name). Dr. Markham is a clinical psychologist at Columbia University and also a mom, so she knows what she’s talking about not just from a professional viewpoint, but a practical one, as well.

Three posts we like from Aha! Parenting:

32. Baby Science


Baby Science

This blog is a for the science-minded parent who wants to read a pediatrician’s take on things. Dr. Wendy Hunter, who is not only a pediatrician but also a mother of two, created this blog to share her medical take on many of the common questions she gets asked and explains the scientific research behind her advice. You only get a few minutes with your pediatrician during your child’s appointment, so this blog can be a valuable resource.

Three posts we like from Baby Science:

33. Bubbles and Bumps


Bubbles and Bumps

This is a blog that focuses on trying to conceive (TTC) and infertility. Longtime friends Camella Gorman and Simone Tai both have fertility struggles and have a lot of useful information for those trying to conceive and those going through in-vitro fertilization and other processes. There’s also a lot of information regarding having a baby, doing IVF with a baby, and more.

Three posts we like from Bubbles and Bumps:

34. Finding Joy


Finding Joy

This blog was created for the very specific purpose of helping you find joy in your day to day life, even when it seems impossible. The site frequently acknowledges the struggle of being a parent but seeks out that silver lining that allows you to experience the real joys that happen every day, sometimes just under the stressful layer of poopy diapers and argumentative teens. Rachel Marie Martin is at the helm of this blog and cultivates a community for moms who struggle to recognize their significance in their children’s lives.

Three posts we like from Finding Joy:

35. Fit to be Pregnant & Beyond


Fit to be Pregnant & Beyond

This is a great blog for anyone who struggles with maintaining a fit lifestyle while pregnant and after having children. The blog owner, Deanna Schober, is the primary writer and editor, and she’s also a certified nutritionist (with a rocking fit body after having 4 children!). She taps into her experience and education to make this blog one you can actually relate to: because she’s both studied fitness in a traditional sense and she’s been exactly where you are in your fitness journey.

Three posts we like from Fit to be Pregnant & Beyond:

36. Happy You, Happy Family


Happy You Happy Family

This blog is by Kelly Holmes, a mother who tackles the dark corners of a mom’s mind – the things that keep you from being a happy person. The feelings of inadequacy while you struggle to do it all, how to do it all on just a few hours of sleep, and the overwhelming anger you might experience when you’re stressed by trying to do it all. The underlying theme throughout the blog is that prioritizing you will make you a better mother. If mom’s happy, the family is happy.

Three posts we like from Happy You, Happy Family:

37. Lactation Link


Lactation Link

If you’re a nursing mom, then this is a great resource for you. Blogger Lindsey Shipley is a registered nurse, lactation coach, and childbirth educator. The blog has all kinds of support, including a virtual or in person consultation. And if that’s a bit more involved than you’d prefer, there are advice articles and also a free, six-day online course taken at your pace. Lactation Link’s Breastfeeding Breakthrough course (LLBB) will help you accomplish your goals and allow you to nurse your baby with confidence.

Three posts we like from Lactation Link:

38. Mama by the Bay


Mama by the Bay

Blogger Kim Simon has piled up a brilliant stock pile of articles that will give you a sense of belonging and support, no matter your walk of life. She’s a formula feeding supporter that has written brilliant pieces detailing her entirely relatable journey, and she is the founder of the I Support You Project that strives to unite both formula feeding moms and breastfeeding moms.

Three posts we like from Mama By the Bay:

39. Parenting Science


Parenting Science

This blog tackles all parenting aspects while keeping in mind a science-based mentality – so you won’t find a lot of homeopathic solutions here. This is the blog that will give you the medical and scientific reasoning behind parenting decisions complete with citations from scientific research. Blogger Gwen Dewar is a parent and has a PhD in anthropology, behavioral ecology, primatology, and evolutionary and comparative psychology. So she knows and appreciates what she calls, “evidence based parenting.”

Three posts we like from Parenting Science:

40. The Fussy Baby


The Fussy Baby

If your baby is colicky, this is the place to come to get tips or simply to seek out solace. It’s also the place for any kind of high-need baby, even just babies who cry frequently and are just generally fussy. The site is run by Holly Klassen, a mom who was inspired to provide support for parents with fussy babies and high spirited kids.

Three posts we like from The Fussy Baby:

41. Your Organic Child


Your Organic Child

This blog is a collection of information and articles pertaining to an all-organic life. The owner and operator is Kathy Marrocco-Mclaughlin, but she pulls from several other sources as well. She specializes in homeopathy, herbs, and organics and shares all she knows about these topics. She has specifics she recommends and explores a lot of concerns parents may have about the things their children encounter.

Three posts we like from Your Organic Child:


Blogs by Dads

42. 8 Bit Dad


8 Bit Dad

8 Bit Dad is a blog from two dads, Zach Rosenberg and Bryan Ferguson, who were both born in the ’80s, when only 8-bit video games existed. The name came from their love of these games, and they’ve created a haven for like-minded Dads who, like them, appreciate nerdy, old school ways. They have a handful of contributors who also are fathers and educators, resulting in a great website with entertaining reads that holds a lot of mutual interest.

Three posts we like from 8 Bit Dad:

43. DIY Daddy


DIY Daddy

This dad blog is from Nigel Higgins, father of five children aged from 3 to 19. He has one boy and four girls, including a set of twins. Nigel has a section of his blog dedicated to discussing the topic of gender norms. This is a great blog for any dad, but particularly those who have children who struggle with gender stereotypes.

Three posts we like from DIY Daddy:

44. Geek Dad


Geek Dad

This blog has a lot of articles you’ll be interested in as a geek parent, but particularly if you’re a geek dad. Originally created by Chris Anderson in 2007 and passed onto Ken Denmead, the blog has turned into a well-oiled machine with all sorts of moving parts. There is a team of editors, contributors, and publishers, and they focus on anything that brings parents together with the geekery they love and in raising the next generation of geeks.

Three posts we like from GeekDad:

45. How to be a Dad


How to be a Dad

Andy Herald and Charlie Capen created this blog because they came up short in their own quest to find a how-to guide for becoming a father. They created this site to fill the gap, recognizing that they’re certainly not experts, but they did see the humor in it all and that is something that their peers can appreciate. The blog itself has several categories, but our favorites are The Notebook and the Instructional Diagrams, which they say is their most viral content. And it’s not hard to see why: they’re hilarious.

Three posts we like from How to be a Dad:

46. Inside Martyn’s Thoughts


Inside Martyns Thoughts

This is a peek into the mind of a single father, Martyn Kitney, who homeschools his two boys while having shared custody with his boys’ mother. A good deal of his content is focused on his experiences with his homeschooling efforts. He also has muscular dystrophy and mental health concerns that lead to some pretty unique struggles, making this is a great blog for any parent who is also coping with a disability, but most of his blog is completely relatable to all parents.

Three posts we like from Inside Martyn’s Thoughts:

47. Tales from the Poop Deck


Tales from the Poop Deck

This blog comes from Creed Anthony, a father and middle school teacher, who details his life as a parent. He offers reviews of parent-friendly products, travel, and somehow he often ends up finding a deeper meaning in some of the most benign parenting events. Reading his blog is frequently uplifting and leaves you with that feeling that the world might just be a better place than you thought.

Three posts we like from Tales From the Poop Deck:

Blogs for Working Moms

48. Honest Mum


Honest Mum

This blog is for the mom who wants a full life with children, not just because of them. In fact, blogger Vicki Psarias has a section called “Becoming a #MumBoss” that is full of articles to inspire and support a successful working life. But it’s not just a blog for working moms; there are a lot of recipes, fashion reviews, and even a travel section here, as well. This blog is definitely a worthy read for a well-rounded, can do it all mom.

Three posts we like from Honest Mum:

49. Wealthy Single Mommy


Wealthy Single Mommy

Just because you’re a single mom doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. This blog exists because there are plenty of women who want, and actually have, their cake and eat it, too. Emma Johnson created this blog for professional single mothers who needed an outlet, a supportive community of fellow moms who want to achieve success while navigating the challenges of single parenting.

Three posts we like from Wealthy Single Mommy:

50. Working Mom Magic


Working Mom Magic

This blog comes from working mom Lauren Berger and details her life as parent of two kids. She’s been a TV producer for 12 years, and through her blog offers tips and hacks that allow working moms to connect better with their kids. She has a section for working mom magic, parenthood, and food & fitness. The community on her blog is supportive, kind, and very willing to offer solid advice for working moms.

Three posts we like from Working Mom Magic:

51. Working Mother


Working Mother

This blog comes from Working Mother magazine, which was founded in 1979. The website has designated sections for each drastically different aspect of a working mom’s life. “At Work,” for instance, offers articles, info, and support for moms with jobs, arming women with the information they may need to advance their careers. “At Home” is all things mom, offering insights and inspiration to make the most of family time. The “Off-Duty” section deals with all things YOU, from fitness, to fashion, and fun. “Best Companies” deals with company recommendations for moms and women in the workplace.

Three posts we like from Working Mother:

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