Brooklyn Bedding has a storied history, starting with its humble beginnings as a family-owned business in 1995. Things really took off several years later after the owners started selling mattresses through Amazon. The company’s first bed-in-a-box model was launched in 2008, helping the brand reach a broad audience. Today, Brooklyn combines the success from its original #BestMattressEver and the owners’ two decades of experience to offer a wide range of premium online beds. The Bowery foam bed is the entry-level mattress, and the Bowery Hybrid combines its sibling’s affordability with innerspring technology. Both Bowery mattresses are great budget options, and this article will tell you everything you need to know about the Hybrid and how the two are different. Keeping reading for an in-depth Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid mattress review.

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress Overview

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid
Bowery Hybrid

The Bowery Hybrid mattress combines Brooklyn’s foam and coil technologies for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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As a hybrid mattress, the Bowery uses a combination of foam and innersprings for its construction. The top layer features an inch of quilted gel memory foam that gives you a cool to the touch sleeping surface. The second layer uses polyfoam that works with the top layer to conform to your body for pressure point relief. Beneath that is the thickest layer, which is made of up to 952 Ascension coils. These are different from the Quantum coils used in other Brooklyn hybrids, but they still do an excellent job of supporting your body while you sleep. Beneath the springs is an inch of high-density polyfoam that helps reinforce the core and adds to the Bowery Hybrid’s overall durability.


The Bowery Hybrid is only available as a medium-firm mattress. For most people, this won’t be a problem; medium-firm beds are the most common firmness choice. The combination of comfort and support makes this firmness a very versatile option. Back sleepers will find it the most comfortable thanks to the conforming properties of its memory foam top, which provides great lumbar and shoulder support. Stomach sleepers, particularly ones who weigh under 130 pounds, should find that the Bower Hybrid has plenty of support. The heavier you are, the more likely it is that you’ll prefer a firmer bed to get the necessary spinal alignment while sleeping on your stomach. Depending on preferences, side sliders might prefer a softer mattress, but medium-firm is still a good option. Couples with different sleeping preferences and combination sleepers will appreciate the versatility.


The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid is available in all six mattresses sizes, and the list below shows you the price of each size without sales or discounts.

Twin XL$649
California King$1,049

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress Pros and Cons

Affordable alternative to other hybrid modelsOnly one firmness option
Offers superior support for back and stomach sleepersMay be too stiff for side sleepers
Free shipping inside the continental USSleeps hotter than other Brooklyn hybrids
Reinforced edge
120-night trial and 10-year warranty

Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress Breakdown

To help give you a better feel for the Bowery Hybrid mattress, we’ve answered the following questions. If you want to learn more about how we pick products to review, you can read about our methodology.

Is it made from quality materials?

The Bowery Hybrid uses several different high-end materials to give you a premium feeling mattress for an affordable price. The top layer uses gel-infused memory foam, which is a very popular bedding material thanks to its incredible durability and soft feel. The two layers of polyfoam, one for comfort and one for support, have both been used in other Brooklyn bedding products, with great results. The Bowery Hybrid uses Ascension coils, which are different from the Quantum coils used in other company’s other hybrid models. However, they provide great support and should be long-lasting.

How long will it last?

This mattress should last as long as the average hybrid model, which between six and seven years. This is an exceptional durability for the price, especially since hybrid models can be some of the most expensive types of bed. The top layer of memory foam has a good track record, and the polyfoams used have proven to handle wear and tear in other Brooklyn models as well. It is also important to note that the mattress cover from defects for 10 years after purchase.

How well does it conform to my body?

The top layers of foam used in hybrid models will determine how much the mattress will conform to your body. In the Bowery Hybrid, both the gel-infused memory foam and transitional polyfoam have good conforming qualities. That being said, some other hybrid models do outperform the Bowery. This is most likely because there are only three inches of comfort foam, where more expensive products can sometimes use twice that. If you want a bed that truly conforms to your body, the all-foam Bowery and other softer options would be a better choice.

Is the edge supportive?

Edge support is important for both for sitting on the edge of your bed and also having the ability to use the entire surface area without feeling like you’ll fall off. Similar to the Quantum Edge used for other Brooklyn hybrid beds, the Bowery Hybrid has reinforced coils all around the perimeter of its core. These resilient springs, coupled with the dense poly foam, give this mattress an above-average amount of edge support.

Does it sleep hot?

The Bowery Hybrid bed has several features to keep it from sleeping too hot. The top layer uses gel-infused memory foam to help combat body heat, and the polyfoam layers use an open-cell design to permit more airflow. The biggest factor is its innerspring core. Hybrid models (like the Bowery) tend to sleep cooler than all-foam beds because the open design used at the center allows air to flow through to the sleeper.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

The Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid uses three separate foam layers, which will give off a noticeable scent when unboxed. Bed-in-a-box models also get a bit of a smell from the compression process. However, the amount of foam used in this hybrid is minimal, so the off-gassing period will be much shorter than thicker hybrid models or all-foam beds.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

The tricky thing with hybrid beds is that it uses foam (the best at minimizing movement) and springs (the worst at minimizing movement). So naturally, the Bowery Hybrid isn’t as good in this area as the all-foam Bowery. The two comfort foam layers used in this model, though, do a decent job at isolating the motion of one partner moving. So if this is a big issue for you, there are better options, but as far as hybrids go, the Bowery Hybrid is about average.

Who is Best Suited for a Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress?

If you have your heart set on a hybrid mattress but don’t want to spend a ton of money, the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid is an excellent choice. This bed manages to feel like a premium product while costing a fraction of what some other hybrid mattresses sell for. No top of that, the features like breathability and edge support even manage to out-perform the competition. You also have the opportunity to test it out for four months without committing, which can help you make a decision if you’re on the fence.

With only one firmness option, the Bowery Hybrid doesn’t have the best sleep customization. However, shoppers, you want a medium-firm bed will be more than satisfied with the Bowery Hybrid. Medium-firm fits well with combination sleepers, back sleepers, and even most stomach sleepers. The memory foam top layer does a great job of confirming your body, so if you wake up with aches or pains, this mattress will help alleviate the problem. This is also a good option for hot sleepers. The Bowery Hybrid uses a thinner layer of foam than other hybrids, and the innerspring core maximizes airflow, so this bed should allow you to sleep cool all night.

Brooklyn Bowery vs. Bowery Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding offers two Bowery models: the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid and the all-foam Brooklyn Bowery. On top of sharing a name, these two mattresses also share affordability. Both beds are an inexpensive alternative to other options in their class and give you a premium feel. Both Bowery’s also come in only one firmness option. The foam Bowery mattress has a medium feel while the Bowery Hybrid is medium-firm. The all-foam mattress is slightly better at conforming and letting you sink in, which makes it a better choice for side sleepers and back sleepers who want more comfort. The hybrid is perfect for back sleepers who need more support and stomach sleepers (who may experience neck and shoulder strain from a lack of support in the foam Bowery). The Bowery Hybrid bed is also better for hot sleepers. While the foam Bowery outperforms other all-foam mattresses, the thinner top layers and innerspring core gives the Bowery Hybrid the edge in temperature control.

Ready to Buy a Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid Mattress?

Before you decide whether or not the Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid is your future mattress, check out the essential information below.

Sleep Trial

One of the best parts about buying from Brooklyn Bedding is the company’s above-average sleep trial. You can test out the Bowery Hybrid bed for 120-nights risk-free, meaning you get a full refund (minus possible shipping fees) if you’re not satisfied. The sleep trial does have a mandatory 30-day period before you return because it can take at least that long to adjust to a new mattress. Any unwanted mattress should be donated to a local organization, and Brooklyn Bedding will help find one and arrange pick-up if you need it.


If you purchase a Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid, the mattress is protected by a 10-year warranty. The warranty is non-prorated, which means the mattress will be fully refunded or repaired at any point within 10-years—it covers any defects in the bedding materials or body indentations over one inch deep. It will not cover any stains, burns, or damage caused by user error and will be voided if the bed is not kept on a suitable platform.

Availability and Delivery

Every Brooklyn bed is available through the company’s website. It offers free shipping inside the continually United States, all beds ship compressed and boxed via FedEx Ground. Shipping to Canada costs $250 per bed while shipping to Alaska or Hawaii costs $125. The Bowery Hybrid is available through Amazon, although the shipping method may vary. You can also purchase this mattress in Brooklyn Bedding stores located in Arizona and Utah or affiliate showrooms in California, New York, Illinois, Minnesota, and Montana.

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