The Best Gifts for a 1-Year-Old

The first few years of a child’s life are a cause for celebration since they are constantly developing and learning new skills. From first steps to first words, people want to give them something that is fun, thoughtful, and can make the learning process easier. However, there are so many gifts for 1-year-olds that it… Read More

The Best Gifts for College Students

College students are notoriously broke and in need of everything. Many are wearing backpacks that have long since fallen apart, using pencils that hardly work, and reading books they just happened to find in the $5 bin. But, if you thought this would make finding a gift for the college student in your life easy,… Read More

The Best Gifts for Grandmothers

With the holidays fast approaching, it is time to begin thinking about getting a gift for your grandmother. Grandmas are notoriously hard to buy for. If your grandma seems to have all her needs and wants already met, your gift options may seem sorely limited. Plus, many of our grandmothers do not directly tell us… Read More

The Best Car Vacuums

Having a vacuum that can do it all is certainly a nice goal. You may find, however, that dragging your do-it-all vacuum into the garage to vacuum out your car is a giant pain and not worth the hassle. Even if you do have a vacuum that can clean your car effectively, if you don’t have a… Read More

Apartment interior

Sudden moves happen. And keeping your family safe and comfortable is an absolute priority. That said, looking for a family apartment in a far-away city or town is rough. You could pay for a hotel for your entire family until you can find an apartment, but that costs a pretty penny. Searching for an apartment… Read More

Business woman holding a sneaker and high heel

Is work/life balance possible? Finding the perfect balance between work and leisure can be hard, but it’s definitely possible. You don’t want to slack off at work, but you also don’t want to push your family and home life to the side. We’ve teamed up with NowSourcing to bring you another great infographic on work/life balance… Read More

Mom blogging with baby in hand

You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count – and said a time or two yourself – kids don’t come with instructions. The best you can do is love them, try your hardest to make the tough choices that you think are right for them, and defer to those who know better than… Read More

Happy family with a kite

Wanna be happier? We’ve teamed up with NowSourcing to bring you this infographic with the top habits and characteristics of the world’s happiest people. Share this Image On Your Site Please include attribution to with this graphic. Full Text Transcript of the Infographic Habits of the World’s Happiest People Happiness is more than an… Read More

St. Louis, MO

Due to its location along the Mississippi River and its proximity to the Illinois state border, St. Louis has always been a bustling city key to the country’s economy and trade. This hasn’t changed since its founding, and with the largest metropolitan population in Missouri, it pulls from a wide variety of cultures and areas…. Read More

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, North Carolina is a cross between classic Southern charm and a burgeoning business and financial center. For the perfect mixture Southern hospitality, with a city vibe,  and a dash of NASCAR, a trip to the beautiful Charlotte, NC can’t be beat. Whether you’re planning your first visit to the city of Charlotte or you’ve… Read More

Los Angeles

For many people, a visit to Los Angeles is something that’s on their bucket list. The city’s weather is often mild and sunny, making it a great area to visit anytime of the year. During the winter months, you’ll generally only need a jacket – so leave the snow gear at home. Los Angeles is… Read More

Woman with headphones

The 25 Top-Rated Headphones You Can Score for a Reasonable Price Every day, millions of people put on their headphones to listen to their favorite movies, music, movies, online courses, tutorials and more. In fact, in today’s digitally-powered world, headphones have become a necessity. You can use them to amplify sound without bothering anyone else…. Read More

Person going skiing and wearing a balaclava

The 25 Top-Rated Balaclava for Winter Sports, Hunting, and More Although the term “ski mask” can often call to mind bank robber, you may be more familiar with it that the term “balaclava.” Both of those terms refer to a mask that will cover your face and neck, and traditionally, as much of you as… Read More

HDMI cable and HDMI splitter

The 25 Top-Rated HDMI Splitters to Eliminate Cord Clutter and Connect All Your Devices The problem with many of today’s HDTVs, monitors, and other displays comes down to ports – namely, that there are too few for all your myriad devices. Of course, you have a Blu-ray player, some sort of smart-TV something (Roku, Apple TV,… Read More

The 50 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for the Musician on Your Holiday Gift-Giving List A musician’s soul has a melody that bleeds into everything they do. Very often, they will go about their day without being able to express how much more alive they feel with music. Why not give them a gift with meaning, one… Read More

Christmas gifts at work

The 25 Top-Rated Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Coworkers The holidays are fast approaching, which means your office is probably in the throes of organizing a Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange. And that means you’re knee-deep in wondering what gift-worthy something you could possibly find without breaking the bank (or busting the very-low… Read More

Grandma getting a gift

The 25 Top-Rated Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Grandma You’ll have to take a lot into consideration when trying to find the right gift for your grandma. You’ll have to know her interests, sure, but you’ll also need to consider her age and yours, whether it’s a gift from your children to your mom (or… Read More

A child putting gifts into a Christmas stocking

The 50 Top-Rated Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List Stocking stuffers are often some of the most challenging items on your holiday shopping list. Do you opt for the cheap and fun, the useless and funny, or the expensive and useful? There are tons of little gadgets and odds and ends that… Read More

Scholarship award

Family Living Today, in conjunction with RKT Publishing, LLC, is excited to announce the 2017-2018 Child Welfare and Development (CWD) Scholarship Award for Students Pursuing a Degree in Social Work. This is a new scholarship that will be awarded annually in the amount of $1,000 to students pursing a bachelor’s degree in social work with… Read More

New mother receiving gifts

The 50 Top-Rated Gifts for New Mothers from the Heartwarming to the Sanity-Saving New moms have a lot more going on than it may appear to the outside world. They’re adjusting to a whole new life, and that creates a whole lot of chaos. When you combine that with the holiday chaos that occurs naturally… Read More

Senior receiving a gift

The 50 Useful and Unique Gifts for the Older Adults in Your Life Holiday gift-giving can be quite a challenge, but it’s often even more challenging when you’re looking for the perfect gift for an aging loved one. Whether you’re in search of the perfect gift for an aging parent, grandparent, or another friend or… Read More

Daughter giving dad a gift

The 50 Top-Rated Gifts Sure to Please Your #1 Dad Considering all your dad has given you over the years – including your very life’s blood, ya whippersnapper! – you probably want to treat him to a special gift for the holidays. The problem: Dad can be tough to shop for. Until now, that is…. Read More

Daughter giving a gift to mom

50 Top-Rated Gifts for the Hard-to-Buy-For Mom When trying to find the right gift for mom, you may feel a bit of pressure. Because if there’s one thing you do not want to do it’s to disappoint the woman who gave you life. Whether you nail it out of the park or swing and miss,… Read More

Man receiving gifts

The 50 Top-Rated Gifts Any Man Will Love to Receive It can be so hard to find the right gift for the men – or gifts for the dads – in your life. If you think about it, though, you may already know one of the biggest reasons why: if he wants it, he will… Read More

Woman taking care of a man in a wheelchair

If you are among the nearly 40.5 million Americans caring for parents or elderly loved ones, you know how difficult it can be to juggle your caregiving responsibilities with your personal and professional lives. Today, nearly 25% of American adults ages 45 to 64 care for aging adults, and nearly 61% of caregivers are employed… Read More

Woman using a moving into a new house checklist

You’ve found your dream home (or, at least, your next-step-in-the-dream home) – congrats! You’re excited, right? Can’t wait to start this new stage in life, right? Give it a few days, and the stress will set in. We’ve all felt it: The looming panic of a mountainous to-do list that seems to grow and grow… Read More

Birthday party for children

Hi there. Yes, you. The parent who’s about to lose his or her mind. I feel you. I SO feel you. Planning a kid’s birthday party can be like trying to pin the tail on a slippery and infuriated [live] donkey. Danger, danger! Travails ahead. There might be hair-pulling. (Yours.) There may be a few… Read More