It feels like all eyes are on CBD right now. That’s no surprise when you consider the compound has been vilified alongside cannabis for a long time, despite its potential medical benefits. Now that legislation has caught up with public opinion and scientific consensus, people want to know what CBD can do for them. But… Read More

The cannabis compound CBD has become big news in the last few years, helped along by some high-profile success stories and the relaxing of federal regulations. More people now want to know what CBD can do for them—and their furry friends. That’s right: CBD’s potential benefits aren’t limited to humans. Dogs and cats are mammals… Read More

Escaping the burgeoning popularity of CBD has been almost impossible in recent years. It has made headlines and CBD-based products have flooded the market. With that boom has come increased interest in CBD’s potential health benefits. CBD oil is available in a variety of different forms and has become popular as a low-impact, accessible way… Read More

The CBD market is booming right now and legislation has finally caught up with the public interest in what the cannabis plant has to offer. Many people are now weighing up the benefits of using CBD oil. CBD topicals provide an excellent entry point into CBD products, as they offer a low-impact, everyday way of… Read More

The CBD boom has brought CBD into the public consciousness recently, as more people than ever become aware of its potential health benefits. Available in a wide range of forms, CBD oil has offered many people accessible and low-impact relief from common conditions like anxiety and insomnia. CBD capsules provide a convenient and everyday format… Read More

CBD oil has exploded onto the market in recent years as more people become aware of its potential health benefits. Available in a wide range of forms, CBD oil has offered many people convenient and low-impact relief from common conditions like anxiety and insomnia. As a cannabis derivative, there is still plenty of confusion and… Read More

Best Fat Burners

Fat burners have gained in popularity in recent years. As the average body weight in Western countries continues to rise, more people than ever are looking for solutions to the problem. Fat burners have proved their worth in clinical trials as a weight loss aid, so they provide an obvious destination for the health-conscious. A… Read More

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Belly fat has become so common we could almost call it an epidemic, especially the kind around your lower midsection. This type of fat is also referred to as visceral fat, as it is a deep abdominal fat that surrounds your organs. Interestingly, even skinny people can have excess lower belly fat (hence the term… Read More

The Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone booster supplements are supplements that are used to either increase the amount of testosterone in someone’s body or increase the amount that can be used by the body without being converted into a different type of hormone. While it is a male sex hormone, women also produce some testosterone. People with low testosterone levels… Read More

Bloated Stomach Problems

There are very few bodily occurrences that are more annoying than bloating, and if you deal with it on a regular basis, it can really ruin your week! Not only does bloating feel bad, but sometimes it can make us look larger or bulkier than we actually are. If you suffer from chronic bloating, there… Read More

Healthy Food & Exercise

If you’ve recently been told that your triglycerides are too high, you may be concerned about the associated risks and are unsure how to fix the problem. In short, triglycerides are fat molecules that circulate in the blood. A normal amount of triglycerides in the blood is 150mg/dL or less. If your triglycerides are over… Read More

Group of people doing push-ups

Back-fat is a common trouble-spot, and similarly to belly fat you might be having a hard time getting rid of it. This could be back fat that’s centered around the waistline, or for others might be higher up the back, which for women can be particularly bothersome and is commonly known as “bra bulge.” Regardless… Read More

The Best Electric Shavers and Razors

Electric shavers and razors are a popular choice among both men and women for their ability to quickly and easily remove hair, and provide an incredibly close shave with very little effort. Traditional razors with blades can be irritating for those with sensitive skin, while electric shavers and razors provide a more gentle hair removal… Read More

A Man on a Scale

If you’re tired of trying diet after diet with little to no weight loss success, and it feels as if your body is working against you, you are not alone. Losing weight and keeping it off can be incredibly frustrating, and it often takes a ton of effort. One of the biggest issues happens to… Read More

Weight Loss Class for Beginners

Weight loss is a common goal for many people. If it’s so common, why isn’t there a clear-cut way to lose weight? When you look online or ask your friends, weight loss methodologies vary from extreme diets to complete lifestyle changes. Are extreme changes the best way to lose weight? As a Registered Dietitian, I… Read More

Slim woman with measuring tape

 The world of dieting and weight loss can be confusing, if not downright overwhelming for most women. Thinking of “dieting” in the first place has its pitfalls, and in fact research shows that upwards of 90% of dieters don’t keep weight off in the long run. Finding simple and effective strategies to help you make… Read More

The Best Hair Dryers

If you have hair of any length, there’s a more than good chance you have a hair dryer to make sure you don’t have to wait out the natural drying of your hair. Not only is that tediously slow, drying naturally does not usually end in a style you like (nor is it especially good… Read More

The Best Makeup Mirrors

You may think you have a pretty good idea of what goes where on your face, but very few people can actually apply makeup without a mirror. And although it is often called a “makeup mirror” there are plenty of uses for such a mirror that aren’t related to makeup at all. In fact, once… Read More

The Best Weight Loss Supplements & Diet Pills

If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you know how difficult it can be. It takes a lot of preparation and even more dedication to shed off those stubborn pounds. You may have tried some weight loss supplements in the past, but none have worked the way you expected. Now you are here… Read More

The Best Electric Toothbrushes

An electric toothbrush should make your brushing routine simpler, help make brushing more enjoyable. Electric toothbrushes work by creating vibrations to remove plaque from teeth. They are an investment in oral health and may actually make brushing more effective. While you likely know how important brushing your teeth is, it can still seem like a… Read More

The Best Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are a fantastic invention, designed to provide you with a relaxing and rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your own home. If you spend long hours at a desk, have existing back problems, or have a very manual job, you may find one of these chairs of great benefit. Looking after your back… Read More

Creatine supplement and weights

The 50 Top-Rated Creatine Supplements to Boost Strength and Endurance As one of the most-studied health supplements, creatine makes an ideal addition for those looking to boost their strength and endurance gains in the gym. Creatine works to help stimulate the hormone ATP, which aids in muscle growth and recovery. Research is clear that this… Read More

Woman applying anti-wrinkle cream in bathroom

The 50 Top-Rated Wrinkle Creams for Healthy, Glowing Skin with Fewer Fine Lines and Wrinkles Who says you have to give in to aging? There are some parts you can’t control, sure. There’s no magic cream that makes arthritis go away or a special serum to bring back the speedy metabolism you had in your… Read More

Women relaxing and drinking tea in robes

The 50 Top-Rated Teas to Get Rid of Toxins and Boost Your Health Detox teas have been gaining popularity in recent years for their ability to support the body in ridding itself of excess toxins and weight. With today’s lives more exposed to toxins than ever before, gentle, regular detoxing can be an excellent complement… Read More

Potassium pills and bananas

The 50 Top-Rated Potassium Supplements to Reduce Muscle Cramps and Aid Hydration The health benefits of potassium can’t be understated. Maintaining healthy levels can help your body with everything from preventing muscle cramps to stabilizing your blood sugar. You can reduce your anxiety or re-hydrate your body after a big workout, or even help control… Read More

A man with different vitamins in his hand

The 50 Top-Rated Men’s Multivitamins for Optimal Health When it comes to nutrition, men and women have unique needs. And that means, your daily multivitamin should be unique, too: It should be fortified with the standard vitamins and minerals, and should also add ingredients to support men’s prostate function and virility/sexual health. Your multi should… Read More

Woman taking a multivitamin

The 50 Top-Rated Multivitamins to Promote Health and Well-Being Getting all the nutrients you need from diet alone is incredibly difficult; sometimes it’s just not possible with your busy life. Making sure that, diet or no diet, you have the vitamins and minerals your body needs, however, is not impossible. Taking a good multivitamin can… Read More

Oil diffuser in home

Most of us could stand to achieve a little more relaxation in life. Sometimes you can achieve this in the smallest ways. Finding a touch of extra zen in your life can yield surprisingly large results. Essential oils are a popular way of finding that zen spot. Nice smells unlock the feel-good portions of the… Read More

Woman drinking water

The 25 Top-Rated Water Ionizer Machines, Bottles and Pitchers to Enrich and Purify Your Water As people grow more concerned about what they put into their bodies, they are turning to alkaline water ionizers to purify their water. But, these machines, pitchers, and bottles do more than remove impurities from water; they make tap water… Read More

Businesswoman trying to relief some stress

The 10 Top-Rated, Most-Effective, Natural and Herbal Supplements to Relieve Anxiety In today’s busy, race-to-the-finish, can’t-stop-won’t-stop society, more and more people find themselves suffering from anxiety and high stress. The truth of the matter is, it’s easy to succumb and nearly impossible to avoid, especially when faced with enough everyday responsibilities to fill a 27-hour… Read More

Woman creating a heart on her stomach

The 10 Top-Rated Probiotics on the Market Today Did you know that a reported 80% of your immune system resides in your gut? There’s good and bad bacteria in there (fascinating fact: an estimated 100 trillion bacteria live inside your digestive tract): When the good outweighs the bad, your immune health soars; when the bad… Read More

Pre-workout supplement and women

The 12 Top-Rated Supplements to Take Before You Workout for Peak Performance If you’ve ever flagged mid-workout, you know the frustration of diminishing energy, woeful endurance, and too-little stamina. It kills your performance and your mood. Chances are, you probably also know the disappointment of supplement-fueled caffeine jitters and crash-and-burns – common side effects of… Read More

Blood pressure monitor

The 25 Top-Rated Blood Pressure Monitors to Take Control of Your Health Hypertension is often called “the silent killer,” because it has the tendency to sneak up and wreak havoc. An estimated one in six people with hypertension don’t even know they have it, compounding this health epidemic. Enter the home blood pressure monitor, an… Read More

Fiber supplements and vegetables

The 25 Top-Rated Fiber Supplements for Digestive Health The benefits of fiber aren’t lost on most people; however, many people don’t realize that most adults in the U.S. don’t get nearly enough of it each day. The average fiber intake in the U.S. is about 15 grams each day, but the currently recommended amount is… Read More

Person holding a stress ball

If your work or home life is stressful, having a good stress ball around can provide some quick relief. Stress balls are malleable objects, sometimes spherical in shape, other times taking unusual or quirky shapes, that when squeezed or manipulated by the hand and fingers can ease muscle tension and ease stress. But stress balls… Read More

Teeth whitening

The 25 Top-Rated Whitening Strips, Gels, Toothpaste, and More for a Whiter Smile Whiter teeth can help you feel more confident as you go about your daily life, and are also a sign of health and vitality. It’s no wonder that Americans spend $1.4-billion a year on teeth whitening products! Visible results can often be… Read More

Young woman holding collagen supplement

We’re all looking for some self-improvement. Supplements are a popular way of attempting to achieve better all-round health in small, everyday ways. Many people swear by them, and studies show they can make up for certain dietary deficiencies. Collagen peptides are a popular choice of supplement. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins our… Read More

Man putting on deodorant

The 25 Top-Rated Antiperspirants, Natural Deodorants, and More for Men The right deodorant can leave you feeling confident and able to take on your day, but with so many options available on the market today, how do you know which one is best for your needs? The deodorants on our list are not only affordable,… Read More

Woman reading a book

50 Top-Rated Books for Overcoming Life’s Challenges, Reclaiming Health and Happiness, and Driving Success The self-improvement market in the U.S. is worth an estimated $11 billion. In a July 2015 survey by Statistica, 19% of respondents reported that they had read a self-help book within the previous year. Specifically, the self-help book market is worth… Read More

Woman deciding whether to eat fruit or pastries

The 26 Top-Rated Appetite Suppressants to Curb Your Appetite and Get Your Diet Under Control When looking for an appetite suppressant, you must be careful to choose the right one. It’s also important to keep in mind that you should always talk to your doctor before taking new medications or supplements. That’s especially important when… Read More

Bathroom scale

50 Top-Rated Bathroom Scales to Track Your Weight and Body Fat Percentage When you are trying to lose weight, it is important to know whether you are on track or not. It’s hard to determine how or what to change if you don’t know how much you weigh. If you have been working out for… Read More

Man adding pre-workout supplements to drink at the gym

The 25 Top-Rated NO Supplements to Enhance Muscle Strength, Increase Endurance, and Aid Recovery Why would you want to take a nitric oxide supplement? To understand the benefits, you should first understand what nitric oxide is and the role it plays in the body. Enzymes in your body break down arginine, an amino acid, producing… Read More

Woman with protein powder

The 25 Top-Rated Protein Powder Supplements to Boost Your Health and Build Lean Muscle As women, we know – getting and staying fit is a delicate balancing act. Between our nutritional requirements, protein needs, energy levels, metabolic health, and other health essentials, it’s hard to keep up. It’s hard to make ourselves a priority. And… Read More

Man with knee pain and joint supplements

The 50 Top-Rated Joint Supplements to Promote Healthy, Pain-Free Joints When we’re young, our bodies are flexible. We are resilient. And our joints have serious cushion. We have excellent flexibility and our mobility is optimal. And then, we get older. As we age, our joints’ natural lubrication starts to leech away. Our muscles lose their… Read More

Man selecting shampoo

The 25 Top-Rated Shampoo Products Designed for Men While many people assume that men and women can share grooming products, that’s not exactly true. When it comes to shampoo, men often have special needs to consider such as dandruff, hair thinning or loss, or greasier scalps. Fragrance also plays into choosing a shampoo for men,… Read More

Woman thyroid glands

The 25 Top-Rated Thyroid Supplements One of the most important glands in your body, the thyroid is responsible for a wide range of tasks that help you feel your best. When it’s not functioning properly, you may experience fatigue, dry skin, weight gain, feeling cold, muscle weakness, hair loss, memory problems, and more. This is… Read More

Man with amino acids bodybuilding dietary supplement

The 25 Top-Rated Amino Acid Nutritional Supplements Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs for short, have been scientifically-proven to improve muscle strength, endurance, and recovery, making them a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. While there are 9 amino acids in all, three are most commonly used in supplementation for their ability to improve lean muscle… Read More

Woman picking a shampoo

The 25 Top-Rated Sulfate-Free Shampoos for Healthier Hair Sulfate-free shampoo is a healthy move for your hair: detergent free, these gentler formulas won’t strip your hair of moisture, decimate nutrients, or dry out colored, curly, or wavy hair. The problem? Sulfate-free shampoos are detergent free. Wait, what? Yes, that’s both the benefit and the problem:… Read More