How to Get Rid of Back Fat (Fast)

While belly fat gets a lot of negative publicity, back fat can be just as pesky to get rid of. It annoyingly clings to your back muscles and bulges out from around your bra strap. And, it is probably one of the biggest reasons you don’t want to wear that bikini. No one wants back fat, but it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get rid of that troublesome back fat. We’ve collected all the top tips, exercises, and supplements to help you get the body you want faster. Check out our review of the best weight loss supplements and diet pills for more ways to banish fat fast.

1. Aim for a Complete Workout


Cardio might be one of the most common exercise people utilize to lose weight, but it is essential to perform a combination of cardio, strength training, and stretching to get the best result. To achieve the change that you want to embody, running or doing cardio exercises will not be enough. Weight training, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight exercises; anything to shake up your training routine will help you burn fat.

So, instead of merely hitting the treadmill for another fifteen minutes, try hitting the squat rack instead. Or, perhaps try switch up your cardio routine and try a session of stair runs or HIIT. While you might not consider flexibility training to cause fat loss, it can help you get rid of particularly hard to reach fatty areas like your back. Plus, stretching and yoga can help you recover from your workout faster, allowing you to get back to losing that stubborn back fat.

2. LeanBean

LeanBean is the number one far burner for female athletes. It works by helping you burn unwanted fat and achieve your fitness goals. Unlike cheap supplements, this one is full of high-quality ingredients that work. It is even all-natural and includes no harmful stimulants. It’s four-capsules a day dosing schedule provides fat burning around the clock. So, you don’t have to worry about timing it correctly with your workout or it wearing off before the day is done.

On top of helping you lose back fat, this supplement also helps contribute to an overall sense of well-being and boosts your energy level naturally. If you’ve tried switching up your workout routine but are still having difficulties getting rid of your back fat, then this supplement might be able to give you that extra push you need.

3. Go Back to Basics with Pushups


In today’s fitness world, there is always a “new-and-improved” exercise routine or fad diet. Many of these fads claim that they can help you lose weight faster and easier than ever before. But, in many cases, they tend to overcomplicate things and make weight lose confusing when it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of your back fat with no success, perhaps it is time to get back to one of the simplest exercises of all – pushups.

Pushups help strengthen your back muscles to support your spine. This prevents back pain and helps tone your back, eliminating back fat and building your back muscles. Plus, there are countless ways to do pushups. If one way isn’t working for you, then you can always try a different one.

4. Skinny Gal Weight Loss Pills for Women

Skinny Gal Weight Loss Pills for Women

Even if you’re working out and eating right, it can still be incredibly difficult to get rid of those last extra pounds on your back. In some cases, a diet pill can help you overcome this plateau and get rid of that excess fat. The Skinny Gal Weight Loss Pills for Women are designed explicitly for women and helps burn fat safely and naturally. Only the finest and purest ingredients go into this product, including Raspberry Ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, White Kidney Bean, Green Coffee, African Mango, and Capsicum. All of these ingredients are designed to help you lose weight fast.

Perhaps most importantly, these pills work. They are one of the most popular weight loss pills for women on the market. It helps you burn fat faster, suppresses your appetite to prevent you from overeating, and blocks carbs from being stored as fat.

5. De-Stress


Stress is a significant contributor to excess body fat. Stress increases the levels of cortisol in your body, which can prevent your body from shedding fat as it should. You get stressed, and your body goes into survival mode, hoarding the pounds in anticipation for possible food shortages. Excessive amounts of stress can also lead your body to miscalculate how many calories you have used. Since initially most of our stress came from predators or the need for food, our bodies assume that stress means we have undergone or are about to undergo physical activity. This is not the truth in our modern world, however.

Luckily, there are many ways to de-stress. You can try meditation, yoga, or even a quick nature walk through the park. It is also easy to combine these destressing activities with physical exercise.

6. Amino Slim

Amino Slim

A well-formulated drink mix can go a long way to helping you lose pesky pounds. Amino Slim is specifically designed to suppress hunger and reduce sugar cravings, allowing you to skip out on those extra carbs throughout the day. On top of helping you stick to your diet, this mix also helps replenish your body after you work out. This replenishment helps your body bounce back faster, reduces fatigue, and increases your lean muscle mass.

Many weight loss shakes don’t work and do more harm than good. This one, though, is different. It focuses on helping you lose weight by replenishing your body, reducing your stress, and controlling your appetite. It is even 100% natural and vegan.

7. Consider Your Sleep


Right behind stress, sleep also has a significant role to play in your pesky back fat. When you do not get enough sleep, the levels of a hormone called leptin drop in your body. This hormone plays a role in inhibiting hunger. When this hormone drops, your body sends a message to your brain and tells it to stock up on calories, making comfort food seem more appealing and causing your last meal to wear off faster.

To keep this hormone at normal levels, we suggest getting enough sleep every night. Of course, what is enough sleep for one person is not going to be enough sleep for another. But, generally, if you’re feeling tired long before it is time to head to bed, you are not getting enough sleep. Feel free to play around with your sleep schedule to figure out what works best for you.

8. Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea

When used correctly, detoxes can help you lose stubborn back fat. Our bodies tend to hold on to a lot of unnecessary stuff. Things we’ve eaten can get backed up in our digestive system, causing bloat and extra weight. Zero Tea 14 Day Detox Tea can help get rid of all this extra stuff and reset your system.

It is designed to purify your body of toxins while also nourishing the good bacteria in your gut and boosting your metabolism. This detox is gentle and does not contain any laxatives. So, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the bathroom for days at a time. Plus, it even tastes good and is very inexpensive!

9. Hydrate


Drinking plenty of water can help you shed those last stubborn pounds in a number of ways. Firstly, drinking plenty of water prevents you from drinking calorie-packed beverages instead and can help you feel full longer. These factors prevent you from eating too many calories, which of course leads to weight loss. In fact, one study found that those who drank at least two cups of water before each meal lost about five pounds more than those who didn’t

Secondly, drinking cold water can increase the number of calories you burn. When you consume cold water, your body has to exert energy to heat that water. This energy expenditure is minimal, only about 25 calories per 500 ml of cold water. But, these calories can build up over time and provide some fat burning action without much work on your part.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to play a role in weight management. However, no one wants to drink vinegar. So, we recommend choosing a well-formulated apple cider vinegar supplement instead. This particular Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most condensed formulas out there. It promotes the regulation of glucose, supports digestion, and boosts your metabolism.

Customers particularly loved that this supplement is 100% tasteless, unlike some other supplements. Now you can lose weight without enduring the acidic taste of vinegar.

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