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By Erin, Lifestyle Blogger at American Freight Furniture and Mattress

One Sectional Sofa for All Seasons

Enjoy the beauty and comfort of a versatile sofa all year long with the Kismet 2 Piece Sectional Sofa from American Freight Furniture and Mattress. This section is ideal for anyone who loves to create a stylish living space without compromising comfort.

We love this couch for many reasons, but we’ll start with the basics. The spacious black sectional has a right-facing chaise and large padded arms. Since the couch is all black, it’s easy to dress up or down. The black sofa legs add a modern and simple touch.

Curl up with the whole family in front of your home theater system to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. There’s plenty of space to sit and lounge on this sectional sofa.

Add a Pop of Color With Pillows!

The sofa comes with a variety of throw pillows that you can mix and match to your liking. The first pillow is black with a relaxed white grid pattern. The geometric pillow features more than seven different colors. Pink, orange, red, white, gray, mustard yellow, and olive green are just a few. The small scarlet red pillows bring the entire pillow set design together perfectly.

Customize your sectional sofa with all the different pillows season after season. You can omit the scarlet red pillows for a different accent color like orange or white. Choose a color from the geometric throw pillows so all the shades and patterns go together well.

American Freight Sectional Sofa

Stage This Sofa for Any Season

Don’t let all the fabulous colors and patterns in the Kismet Sectional Sofa intimidate you! You have plenty of options to stage your couch differently for every season. Here are some of our favorite options:


As the weather gets cooler and you find yourself spending more time indoors, add a snuggly throw blanket to your Kismet 2 Piece Sectional Sofa. We recommend a light gray, white, or cream blanket that will complement the couch designs. Be careful! If you pick a blanket that’s too fuzzy, it may shed all over your fabulous black sofa.


In the midst of the coldest months of the year, it’s time to pile on the pillows. If you chose to omit some pillows during the warmer months, consider welcoming them back to your couch with open arms. Plus, the color scheme of this sofa is easy to pair with green, red, and gold holiday decor.


Spring is all about bright color! The Kismet throw pillows make it easy and fun to play with different color variations. We love to line up all the geometric patterned pillows against the back of the sofa. In between, place the smaller scarlet red pillows. In either couch corner, we like to jazz things up with another single-colored throw pillow like pink or orange. It’s so easy to make the Kismet look completely different in a matter of seconds!

Pro tip: Feel free to play around with texture and color in the spring. The more variety the better!


Summertime reminds us of picnics on gingham and checkered blankets. That’s why we love to make the grid throw pillows the center of attention all summer long. Line your sofa with the grid pillows along the back side and omit two or three geometric pillows. Don’t forget to add the scarlet red pillows for color!

When the pillows sit flat against the back of the sectional, you’ll have more room to sit. In the heat of the summer months, you’ll appreciate how your couch doesn’t feel so stuffy.

Option two: Swap out all of the geometric pillows for a secondary checkered print pillow. Your sofa will look inspired by summer in no time.

American Freight Ottoman

Get the Matching Ottoman

Take your living room design to the next level with the matching Cocktail Ottoman. It features the same relaxed white grid pattern as some of the throw pillows. You and your guests will love how the ottoman completes the space.

Don’t Miss Out!

Take home the Kismet 2 Piece Sectional Sofa today! American Freight Furniture and Mattress offers free layaway and low easy payments. Plus, there’s same-day delivery for all in-stock items. Don’t sit on the opportunity to relax on this great sofa in your home! Click here to find an American Freight near you.

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