Contemporary Bathroom

Finding the inspiration to remodel your bathroom can be challenging. Bathroom designs are often selected in a rush, not paying much attention to important elements. A well-designed bathroom not only has a great appeal but also increases the market value of a house.

It should be a balance between high functionality and quality design. Adding the right things to the right places can make your bathroom hip and stylish.

Here are a few trends of 2019 that will modify the look of your bathroom.

  1. The Entrance: Having a regular old door as an entrance to any bathroom can be boring to look at. Regular doors can make bathrooms stand out awkwardly in a room. Simple barn doors or panel doors help the bathroom blend into the room.


Whereas classy glazed French internal doors and glass panel doors can make the exterior look classy and sophisticated. Doors have multiple textures and patterns that suit individual taste.

  1. Adding Wallpapers: The entire house has articles that represent your personal likes. Why stop when it comes to your bathrooms?

Wallpapers let you personalize your bathroom and turn it into something you love. Wallpapers make a bathroom look more interesting and tell a story.

  1. Get Mirrored Walls: Having a mirror wall installed in the bathroom is a signature move to make it look elegant. Having a mirrored wall has a lot of benefits. It keeps the bathroom well lit and ventilated. It also makes the bathroom look spacious.
Luxuriously Fitted Bathtub with Mirrors
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A mirror that big is sure to be of some help when you need to take a quick peek at yourself while getting dressed.

  1. Bathtubs: Bathtubs have made a comeback into bathroom trends recently. They are increasingly used as people move into smaller houses as a result of urbanization. Bathtubs are cozy and easy to fit into any amount of place.

The advanced technological options of water make bathing fun. The bathtubs now also come in various shapes and sizes that make it appealing to the eye.

  1. A Polished Surface: Another popular trend that can work wonders in your bathroom tiles. Although tiles have been used in bathrooms for a while, polished tiles give a distinctive look.
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The tiles are glossy and give a slight shimmer to the otherwise dull bathrooms. When paired with brass or copper fixtures, the bathroom looks like pure class.

  1. Concrete Interiors: A well planned concrete bathroom with good lighting can be the best thing to happen to your house. Concrete interiors can be easily achieved and are cheap. They are one of the most popular materials in 2019.

They can be easily maintained as they last longer. This product does not get easily damaged. Their surfaces are easier to clean when compared to tiles. They also give a sophisticated look to the bathroom.

  1. Comfort as the Most Important Element: The most prevalent trend of 2019 is to be aware of what you need the most and design the bathroom in that way. A bathroom that cannot be accessed conveniently has no purpose to it at all.

Installing small shelves and cabinets gives you space to store essentials. The size of the cabinet depends on the space you are willing to give to it. If your bathroom is smaller, there are other ways to keep it stylish yet easy to move around. Combining the shower area with the tub is one of the best ways to accommodate everything in a small place. Giving a priority to comfort does not mean you need to compromise on the look.

  1. A Pinch of Technology: Why is it that technology should be restricted in the bathroom? Whether you are tech savvy or not, adding some cool objects to your bathroom can make it look modern.

Auto opening facets, temperature regulation, automatic LED lights on the mirror are a few of the things which can be used. Technology like this also saves you from the cost of redecorating the entire bathroom.

  1. Basic Colors: If you are planning to redo your bathroom but not sure what to get, basic colors can do the trick. A monochrome bathroom in basic colors makes it look extremely posh. Basic might seem regular, but not when some new elements are used with it. Basic colored tiles with designs and objects of different shapes can be used.

Adding an object in a corner of such a bathroom will be the finishing touch it needs. Tones of grey, earth, and darker shades are some of the basic shades which can be used.

  1. Wood Bathrooms: Wooden bathrooms can seem like a bad idea when hearing it for the first time. Wood is preferred as no other material can give the same texture. Such wood should be completely water resistant to avoid disaster. Hardwood can also be a great absorber of moisture. Wood brings a feeling of the outdoors into the bathroom.

Experimenting with other options like ceramic tiles, terrazzo texture also improves the look of the bathroom. The trends mentioned above will make your bathroom as good looking and important as the rest of your home.

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